RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

Phased Restart - Faculty and Staff

We are happy to open and come together in the safest way possible.  

In accordance with UW System Board of Regents' resolution and Governor Evers' executive order, face coverings are required in all indoor public spaces, including classrooms, and strongly encouraged outside when physical distancing is not possible.

In order to keep campus open safely, it is imperative we all follow the guidelines and protocols below, take the Responsibility Pledge, and check your symptoms each day. 

Ranger Restart Responsibility Pledge


  • No gatherings of more than 10 people (study groups, social function, etc).  
  • Classrooms have been set up for social distancing using a minimum of 6 feet between seats. In-person classes may have more than 10 people per class session.
  • Outdoor groups need to obsereve proper social distancing.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are required to be worn in all public areas.

Face Coverings for General Instructional Use

Social Distancing

  • At least 6-feet of separation should be maintained between individuals. 

Visitors on Campus (excludes students)

  •  Generally, visitors will not be allowed on campus. If need be, the visitor will need to be pre-approved.
  •  Visitors are required to check in to the Police Department, Rita Concierge, or Student Center Concierge.
  •  No congregating in waiting rooms or lobbies.
  •  Visitors must be logged for tracing efforts.
  • See Visitors to Camus page for more information and approval process.

Vulnerable Populations 

  • Avoid physical interactions with high-risk individuals as much as possible. 
  • Employer may ask questions to determine whether an employee needs an accommodation.
  • Explore alternative accommodations that may allow the employee to perform the essential functions of the position. 


  • Students who are symptomatic will be tested for COVID-19; close contacts (anybody at the University who spent at least 15 minutes within 6 feet of the case) will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.


  • In general, travel is not allowed. (University travel not allowed thru the end of Summer. Only essential travel will be allowed approved on a case by case basis.)
  • Approved by appropriate VC or Dean using the travel exception process. 
  • If approved follow designated guidelines.


  • Encourage employees to continue to work remotely. Departments should maintain only minimal staffing on campus to perform essential functions and provide essential support for students.
  • Encourage flexible working arrangements such as rotating shifts. Departments should consider operating with no more than 50% of normal staffing levels at any one time.

Common Spaces 

  • Regularly disinfect high- touch areas (e.g., door handles, buttons/switches, handrails, check-out counters, restroom surfaces, etc.).
  • Do not congregate. 
  • Provide hand sanitizer for individuals at entrance and exit. 


  • Regularly disinfect high-touch areas (e.g., door handles, buttons/switches, handrails, check-out counters, restroom surfaces, etc.).
  • Do not congregate. 


Read full HR Guidelines Ranger Restart Employee Handbook

The Workforce

  • Encourage employees to continue to work remotely. Departments should maintain only minimal staffing on campus to perform essential functions and provide essential support for students. Staggered approach to staffing Employees will be required to wear masks, as well as the practice of social distancing, handwashing and sanitation. SEE HR GUIDELINES for more information.

Employee Assistance

  • As governments ease stay-at-home restrictions, and we enter a new phase of the pandemic, employers are requiring employees to return to work. This undoubtedly has caused heightened stress and anxiety in many people, which can be a very serious, even disabling, matter for some employees. Our EAP Services center is open 24/7.  
  • To access this benefit please click on the link at https://www.feieap.com/ The UW password is SOWI. 

Working Remotely 

  • Telecommuting will continue certain approved jobs. However, we anticipate remote arrangements may be temporary. UWP will create and implement a telecommuting policy designed to provide the flexibility required to meet the needs of the workforce. Essential workers may begin to transition back to work. A list of essential workers will be identified by the Chancellor's Cabinet. 

Employee Considerations

  • Employees who are unable to telecommute or unable to work may have leave options available. Acrrued sick leave or vacation time may be available. Employees who are unable to work for personal reasons should contact HR for availale leave options and/or potential accommodations.


  • Online instruction with limited exceptions approved by the Dean and/or designee based upon the ability to maintain safety for students, staff, and faculty.
  • If in-person classes are held, room capacity is based on room size and current social distancing guidelines
  • If in-person classes are held, at least 6-feet of separation should be maintained between individuals. 
  • Face coverings must be worn in all classrooms
  • Daily deep cleaning by custodial staff.
  • Cleaning supplies will be availabe to self-clean surfaces as needed (ex: as you enter the class).
  • Attendance taking is required to facilite contact tracing should the need arise.

Laboritories and Research Space

  • Only research activities approved by the Dean and/or designee permitted based upon the ability to maintain safety for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Lab capacities are based on a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing, and will take into account safe laboratories practices.
  • Surface cleaning conducted following each laboratory activity.
  • Virtual meetings for student meetings recommended.
  • In-person meetings should be limited to one student per meeting.
  • It is recommended that faculty clean touch-point surfaces following each meeting.
  • Remote internships that students may complete from home are preferred.
  • Internships that comply with the prevailing governmental guidelines of the location of the internship site may be completed in part or wholly on-site.
  • Internship course instructors: Are encouraged to be flexible in the required number of hours to be completed on-site, allowing for remote work and other assignments to be completed to meet credit expectations. Alternative work should be aligned with learning goals for the internship. Students who are in a vulnerable or at-risk group or are involved in the personal care for someone in this category should be allowed an alternative educational experience to meet program requirements. Internship instructors should coordinate with internship student and internship site on ways to adjust internship if necessary. Internship academic instructors may consult with the Community and Business Engagement Office for additional guidance.


  • All staff who can work remotely should continue to do so.  
  • No groups larger than 10. Meals, breaks and meetings should be staggered to allow for social distancing. 
  • No more than 2 employees working in one area at a time, unless needed for safety reasons.  
  • Shared tools should be sanitized after use.
  • Employees should regularly sanitize high-touch areas of campus.
  • Employees should sanitize vehicle/equipment door handles, steering wheel, and other areas touched, when returning a vehicle for others to use. 
  • Increase building ventilation rates.
  • Increase outside air percentage that circulates.

Campus Project Contractors/Consultants

  • Contractors working on campus construction projects are responsible for adhering to CDC guidelines relative to reporting and responding to suspected COVID-19 cases.

State Project Contractors/Consultants

  • Contractors working on State construction projects are responsible for adhering to guidelines provided by the Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Development and Management.


Brickstone Grill and Eatery

  • Brickstone is open
  • All patrons must wear a face covering and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • No outside catering will be booked for this fall. Internal caterings may happen with some parameters.
  • All employees will be symptom checked and temperatures taken daily when they return.
  • Staff will wear face coverings and increase hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Self serve options will no longer exist. Utensils and condiments will be given out. Meals will be made and distributed at each station. 
  • Stagger workstations so workers can maintain a 6 ft. distance and do not face one another.
  • Plexiglas shields will be in place at POS stations. All guests will swipe their own cards reducing contact with staff.
  • Staff must sanitize hands between handling payment options and food/containers. 
  • UW-Parkside dining services will follow CDC and health department guidelines.
  • Pre order and take out options are being developed.


Student Center Hours 
Monday-Friday: 7:30 am-10 pm
Saturday/Sunday: 9:30 am-9:30 pm

Please go to the link below for holiday hours and seasonal updates.


  • Retail establishments create a safe environment for customers and staff with both customers and employees wear face coverings.
  • Maintain signage to remind and help individuals stand at least 6 feet apart , including outside when in line, and in store check out lines.  
  • Assign an employee to disinfect carts and baskets after each usage.
  • Maximum number of patrons must be such that a 6-foot distance between patrons and employees can be easily maintained (1 person per 120 ft.).
  • Provide hand sanitizer at checkout counters, entrance/exit, and atm locations
  • Limit purchase quantities on certain goods selling out quickly; this will help maintain ability to meet needs of patrons and limit crowds and lines.
  • Set an established daily window of time for high risk individuals to come in without pressure from crowds.  
  • One-way aisles to support physical distancing
  • Discourage bringing kids or strollers into stores when possible to allow as much space as possible in aisles.  
  • Staff may only come closer than 6 feet when accepting payment or delivering goods or services if wearing face coverings.
  • Install clear plastic partitions between cashier and customer where it is not possible to maintain 6 ft. of distance.  
  • Deliver products through curbside pick-up or delivery when feasible
  • Make regular announcements to remind customers to follow physical distancing guidelines. 


Sports & Activity Center workout facilities (Strength & Conditioning Center/Wellness Center)

  • Re-opening date, protocols and facility schedules can be found on our web page.
  • The facilities will open in hourlong time blocks, with 15-minute periods in between to accommodate cleaning protocols
  • Individuals are required to check in before entering the facilities, including temperature checks and health screening 
  • Face masks will be required 
  • Capacity is limited to 15 individuals per facility 

Sports & Activity Center/Athletics offices and employees

  • Employees required to wear face masks
  • Employees complete daily health screening
  • Social distancing protocols should be adhered to at all times
  • Staff clean surfaces after uses

Parkside Athletics competitions

  • In conjunction with decisions made by NCAA Division II and the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Parkside Athletics has started competition as of Jan. 1, 2021. 
  • Stay up-to-date by visiting ParksideRangers.com

External Rentals

  • Certain outdoor activities may resume pending Department of Athletics approval and in adherence with safety protocols. For more information on external facility rentals, please contact Events and Operations Coordinator Ryan Ridley.  

Wayne E. Dannehl National Cross Country Course

  • Runners and hikers are required to practice social distancing protocols


Student Housing

  • Only approved student residents allowed to live on campus. 
  • Regular messaging to residents about public health guidelines and hygiene practices. 
  • Single residents spaced out to single rooms with most buildings closed. 
  • No guests allowed.
  • Gathering spaces (indoor and outdoor, including playgrounds), and fitness areas closed. 
  • Isolation rooms available (includes food delivery)
  • Frequent cleaning of high touch areas in public spaces. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations spaced throughout public areas. 
  • Employees who engage directly with resident/public checked for symptoms.
  • Group programming limited and social distancing maintained. 
  • Symptom checking of residents on a periodic basis with guidance/assistance of Student Health and Counseling.
  • Signage and barrier to support social distancing at service desks and employees wear face coverings.


  • All events held on campus are canceled until further notice.
  • Gatherings limited to no more than 10 people. Flexiblilty will be allowed for larger venue that can accommodate proper social distancing. Room capacity is based on room size and current social distancing guidelines.
  • General public and employers take extreme caution. 
  • May provide accommodations to high-risk employees. 
  • Minimize face-to-face interactions with others (e.g., install partitions, etc.)
  • High-contact businesses can operate under strict protocols. 
  • Self monitor symptoms before any business interactions.
  • Certification must be displayed to the public.

Training Videos

All UW-Parkside students, faculty, and staff are encourage to watch these 5-minute COVID information videos.

General Covid-19 Training

General Training on Covid-19

Ranger Restart Employee Training

Training Specific to UW-Parkside

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