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Criminal justice is one of our most popular academic programs. There are plenty of reasons why the criminal justice major enjoys such a strong reputation. With the help of internships, diverse faculty, research opportunities, and more, our students can use their knowledge in criminal justice in a variety of ways: to improve the current justice system, exercise reasoned judgment to advance the scientific basis of criminal justice practices, and promote ethical principles.


In a growing career field that consists of many different specializations, understanding criminal behavior as well as the governing legal system is a great asset to society. Criminal justice provides a wide array of studies including criminology, policing, the courts, juvenile delinquency/juvenile justice, and corrections which pave the way to influential careers concerning these topics as well as government law, paralegal, private-practices, correctional treatment specialists, and more.



Top Criminal Justice Program in Wisconsin

2022 Forensic Anthropology Workshop

University of Wisconsin-Parkside students and local law enforcement personnel gained first-hand experience on what it’s like to be a crime scene investigator as part of a Forensic Anthropology Workshop, featuring local law enforcement professionals, scientists and K-9 units.

During the six-day workshop, which ran June 6-11, students were guided through a full mock grave excavation, where they learned about search, recovery, and analysis of crime scenes.

Our students can use their knowledge in Criminal Justice to:

  • Improve the Justice System - by communicating the results of criminal justice concepts and criminological theories to articulate methods and strategies to improve our justice system.
  • Advance the Scientific Basis - exercise reasoned judgment to advance the scientific basis of criminal justice practices, policies and procedures by identifying and evaluating research needs and priorities of our justice agencies.
  • Promote Ethical Principles and Practices - demonstrate social and personal responsibility by evaluating evidence, acting ethically, and reflecting the values that are the underpinnings of criminal justice as an academic discipline.

"The University of Wisconsin-Parkside, a premier public institution and leading provider of high- quality educational programs was recognized as the top school in Wisconsin for its support of careers in criminal justice and corrections, in rankings published by"



FBI Agent  |  Police Officer  |  Crime Scene Investigator  |  DNR Ranger  |  TSA Officer Game Warden  |  Correctional Officer  |  Probation Officer  |  Juvenile Case Manager


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