Graduate Tuition and Segregated Fees

Fall 2024, Winterim 2025, and Spring 2025

At Parkside, we value giving students amazing opportunities at a reasonable cost. We offer tuition rates that are among the lowest in the UW System. (Learn  about our scholarships.)

Costs below are tuition ONLY. 

(Additional fees may apply: Online $35 per credit may apply to non-special program courses in addition to tuition.)

Credits Resident Nonresident Midwest Exchange

MN Reciprocity - Estimate

Seg Fees 
1 494.00 1084.39 741.00 678.72 258.47
2 988.00 2168.78 1482.00 1357.44 306.94
3 1482.00 3253.17 2223.00 2036.16 355.41
4 1976.00 4337.56 2964.00 2714.88 403.88
5 2470.00 5421.95 3705.00 3393.60 452.35
6 2964.00 6506.34 4446.00 4072.32 500.82
7 3458.00 7590.73 5187.00 4751.04 549.29
8 3952.00 8675.12 5928.00 5429.76 597.76
9 PLUS 4446.00 9759.51 6669.00 6108.48 646.23




Students in the MBA program are charged a per credit fee, up to a maximum fee, in addition to regular graduate tuition.

Resident  $20.17 per credit,   $181.53 maximum  
Nonresident $20.17 per credit,   $181.53 maximum 
Midwest $31.25 per credit,   $272.30 maximum  
MN Reciprocity $198.07 per credit, $1782.63 maximum 



Special Graduate Online Program Rates 

MS ABT  $875/credit


MBA Consortia $775/credit
MS CYB  $850/credit
MS HCA  $725/credit
MS HWM  $750/credit
MS ITM  $850/credit
MA PC  $627.80/credit*
MS SM  $655.80/credit*
MS SMGT  $750/credit
Digital Marketing Management Certificate $725/credit
FinTech Certificate $725/credit

*includes segregated fees

MS ABT - Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology

MBAO - Master of Business Administration Online

MS CYB - Master of Science in Cybersecurity

MS HCA - Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

MS HWM - Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management

MS ITM - Master of Science in Information Technology Management 

MA PC - Master of Arts in Professional Communication

MS SM - Master of Science in Sport Management

MS SMGT - Master of Science in Sustainable Management

Other Fees and Expenses


Audit Fees

You may choose to register for a course as an audit, which means you will not earn credit for the course.

If you are a degree seeking student, audit courses will be billed at the same rate as degree seeking credits.

If you are admitted as an AUDIT ONLY student, you will qualify for special audit pricing based on your residency per the audit fee schedule on the right.

Per-credit audit fees and course-specific fees, such as lab fees, will still apply.

Learn more about audits.

Many Graduate programs do not allow audit only students.

If you have questions about your admission status, please contact admissions.



In accordance with Regent Policy 4-10. the charge for Non - Credit Audit only courses shall be:

Student Fee
Wisconsin Residents under age 60 30% of the normal per credit academic fee
Wisconsin Residents age 60 or older as of the first day of classes Normal per credit academic fee waived
Minnesota Reciprocity 30% of the normal per credit Minnesota Reciprocity fee
Nonresidents 50% of the normal per credit academic fee
Wisconsin Resident Receiving Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits official proof required Normal per credit academic fee waived


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