Procedure 81

Administrative Procedure 81: Computer Technology Procurement and Replacement Issued: 02/20/2013
Revised: 12/17/2013
Reference: Administrative Policy 81
Institution Approval:
Debbie Ford

Campus Technology Services
Business Services
Ilya V Yakovlev 12/18/13

Maintained By:
Campus Technology Services
Ilya V Yakovlev 12/18/13

81.01 Annual Computer Replacement Process

Once every fiscal year Campus Technology Services (CTS) will initiate an annual computer replacement process.

  1. CTS will review inventory of computer equipment and prepare initial lists of eligible computer equipment such as workstations that are four years old or older.
  2. The lists will be sent to departmental contacts of affected departments. Departmental contacts will be given 14 days to update the lists and return them to the CTS project manager for this process.   
  3. The CTS project manager will verify the lists and prepare cost estimates for the central fund’s share and for applicable departmental share and distribute those to Business Services and departmental contacts within 14 days.
  4. Departmental contacts will provide final lists to the CTS project manager within 7 days.
  5. The CTS project manager will prepare a schedule for computer deployment and initiate orders
  6. Existing equipment being replaced will be collected and new equipment will be distributed. CTS will work with departments to transfer data and install software.
  7. Departments will be billed the full amount they are responsible for in the same fiscal year in which the replacement cycle is occurring.
  8. Ideally computer replacement should be made during the four-year cycle. Exceptions outside the regular cycle will be accommodated based on availability of budget and staff capacity.

81.02 Funding

Full-time faculty and staff positions funded by GPR funds.
The central computer replacement fund will contribute the cost of a standard workstation or laptop along with basic peripherals up to $1,000 for full-time faculty and staff positions funded by GPR funds. The departments will be responsible for costs exceeding the $1,000 allocation.

Part-time faculty and staff positions funded by GPR funds.
The central computer replacement fund will contribute the prorated portion of the $1,000 allocation for part time employees. For example, a 45% position will receive no more than $450 toward the purchase of a computer.

Faculty and staff positions funded by non-GPR funds
The departments will be fully responsible for the costs of computer technology for positions funded by auxiliary funds and other non-GPR funds. UW System Financial & Administrative Policy 43 specifically notes that auxiliary enterprises should accumulate sufficient reserve funds to ensure that their equipment can be maintained or replaced.

81.03 Requesting New Equipment or Support for Existing Equipment

Requesters will use the Computer Replacement Request Form located on the CTS Web site to request new or replacement equipment.
Requesters will contact the Helpdesk or CTS designated support individual via email or telephone to request physical relocation of a computer or in case of change of user.
Requesters will contact the Helpdesk to obtain support or with any other technology questions.

81.04 Employee Departure
As part of the employee departure process, all computer technology equipment for that position must be inventoried by CTS. CTS will perform maintenance and coordinate with the employee and/or the department staff on the disposition of sensitive data. Technology support staff will strive to minimize disruption while computer equipment is being worked on. CTS staff will work with departments on special needs or circumstances.

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