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Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI)

UW System Board of Regents Chapter UWS 8 require that investigators participating in sponsored projects disclose any significant financial interests that may present an actual or potential conflict of interest in relationship to externally sponsored projects.

Disclosure of Financial Conflicts of Interest
A FCOI Disclosure Form must be completed by:

  • All Principal Investigators (PIs) who apply for or receive external funding for their research; and,

  • Other individuals who the PIs on projects consider to be responsible for the design, conduct and/or reporting of a project. These individuals are identified by the PI as “FCOI Investigators” and may include: senior research personnel, professorial faculty, research associates, emeritus faculty, research collaborators, visiting scientists, and/or collaborators holding courtesy appointments. This designation does not usually apply to grants office staff or business services staff members who work with sponsored programs.

Financial Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form
Complete the form and submit it to your department chair for review by June 1 annually.

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service-Funded Research
Consistent with federal regulations, all faculty and academic staff at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside who plan to participate in, or are participating in, Public Health Service (PHS)-funded research must fully disclose potential financial conflicts of interest and successfully complete financial conflict of interest training. PHS includes NIH, FDA, CDC and other health-related agencies.

UW-Parkside’s Policy and Procedures on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service-Funded Research

1) FCOI Disclosure
Financial Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form

  • Required: At the time of application for PHS research funding; within 30 days of discovering/acquiring a new significant financial interest; at least annually during the period of award.

2) FCOI Training
CITI Tutorial Instructions (Select “Conflicts of Interest” course)

  • Required: Prior to engaging in PHS-funded research; at least every 4 years thereafter.
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