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Cayuse for IRB

For training please contact Tina Radley at radley@uwp.edu or call 262-595-2932 or Theresa Castor at castor@uwp.edu or call 262-595-2252

To log in for the first time or reset your password: Cayuse for IRB Password set/reset

After your first log in and intial password set up log in here: Cayuse for IRB

Training site for Cayuse for IRB: Cayuse learning environment



2019-2020 IRB Members

  • Theresa Castor, (Committee Co-Chair and Professor-Communication)
  • Edward Bowden, (Committee Co-Chair and Associate Professor - Psychology)
  • Dan Baran,(Community Member)
  • Fabian Preuss, (Assistant Professor-Biology)
  • James Kennedy, (Community Member)
  • John Standard, (Institutional Planner)
  • Philip Wagner, (Assistant Professor-Criminal Justice)
  • Susan Lincke, (Associate Professor - Computer Science)

Institutional Review Board

UW-Parkside's IRB provides institutional review for the protection of human subjects in research projects, in accordance with federal regulations and university policy.

All research involving human subjects must be reviewed by the IRB if it is:

  1. sponsored by the University, or
  2. conducted by or under the direction of any University employee in connection with his or her university responsibilities, or
  3. is conducted on or with University property, or
  4. involves the use of the University's nonpublic information to identify or contact subjects or potential subjects.

IRB forms and minutes are available upon request to irb@uwp.edu.

To submit an IRB request: 

  1. Complete the CITI Human Subjects Training. (Instructions [docx])
    Before your request can be reviewed, CITI training must be completed by the Principal Investigator, co-PI(s) and any additional personnel who will have subject contact or access to personally identifiable data, including students. Your CITI training is active for 3 years after initial completion. The tutorial takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete and includes tests for each required module. You must score 80% or higher overall to complete the training.
  2. To submit, please follow the Cayuse for IRB instructions in the box on the right hand side of your screen. Requests will be reviewed by the IRB Chair or the full IRB as appropriate.
    To ensure review of your request at the next scheduled IRB meeting, please submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting. The IRB meets monthly during the academic year.

For the Fall 2020 term, the IRB will meet the third Monday of each month from 4:00-5:15 pm via web meeting as follows:


Theresa Castor, UW-Parkside IRB Co-Chair
(262) 595-2252

Edward Bowden, UW-Parkside IRB Co-Chair                                                                                bowden@uwp.edu 

Tina Radley
(262) 994-4247

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