Congratulations to these 2022 Ranger Run winners!


5K: Adam Morris 26:00

10K: Joe McDonald 43:48

Scavenger Hunt Group: Alyssa Johnson & Trever Schneider

Savenger Hunt Individual: Jan Oechler-Kirschbaum

Photos from the Ranger Run




Amanda Markwardt



Officer Tom Pie


Avianna Davis



Adwait Tambekar

A Note from Ranger Run participants  - the Johnson's

First let me say, I felt that the Parkside Run event was a great idea and I hope you (Parkside) were able to achieve the goals you set out to obtain regarding this event.

We had a blast! The scavenger hunt not only gave us an opportunity to support Parkside and their organizations, but it also gave us a great excuse to visit the campus and see firsthand some of the changes being posted on social media. Of course, there was a bonus of showing off some of our daughter’s accolades to our friend Susan Leger, who is a Parkside Alumna (about 25yrs) who also enjoyed being on campus again and seeing all the positive things happening. We have to say, keep up the great work.

I would say our Parkside Spirit started with our daughter as we supported her and the Parkside Cross Country/Track team for about the last 5 years. We followed them throughout the Midwest, not missing many meets in her collegiate career; even traveled the 10 hours to Joplin MO to watch Parkside Cross Country at the National Meet. Now during our travels, we were able to get know her teammates, staff members, along with other parents, all just wonderful and welcoming individuals. All who also showed pride of being part of the Parkside family. We have always said, to be successful at school, you must be fully invested in the school. Be part, take part, do not just attend. In that you will find school spirit and pride.

What does Parkside mean to our family?
Parkside has really become a home for my family and me. My wife and I thought someday we would return to college and finish our degrees, just never sure to when to make that decision. It was our daughter’s success that inspired us to finally make our return to college scene. Then shortly thereafter our son transferred into Parkside from Gateway, so for the last 2-3 years our whole household has been attending Parkside.

What does it mean to us to be a UW-Parkside Ranger?
I highlighted many of these qualities in the above statements. Ideas such as: Pride, Welcoming, inspirational, supportive, home, and family. Returning to college after 25years has been a difficult task, but these are ideas that have made our return successful thus far. Because of these qualities we excited and happy with choosing Parkside.

Rate the HARIBO Gummies.
They are all 10’s. In our house we usually buy assortment of the different types of HARIBO Gummies, we each have our favorites. I am partial to sour as my son likes the sugar coated, then my wife enjoys just the original ones.


The Johnson’s


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