International Admissions Frequently Asked Questions


UW-Parkside offers 41 majors.  View the complete list of majors, minors and certificates. You may also wish to refer to the Academic Catalog to learn more about UW-Parkside's programs.

The 41 majors at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside are housed in four distinct colleges, as outlined below:

The College of Arts & Humanities offers undergraduate programs in Art, Communication, English, Ethnic Studies, Liberal Studies, Modern Languages, Music, and Theatre Arts. 

The College of Business, Economics, and Computing strives to provide the finest quality education that is responsive to the requirements of an ever-changing and diverse student body and prepares them for success in the rapidly changing global environment. 

The College of Natural and Health Sciences emphasizes experiential learning opportunities through clinical settings, laboratories and field trips that are taken as part of many courses, as well as a rich array of internships and service learning opportunities.

The College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies brings together a diverse group of disciplines with a strong belief that it is important to promote both theoretical and practical knowledge in their various fields, developing knowledgeable and enlightened citizens for our future. 


Undergraduate students applying to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UW-Parkside) must complete the steps on the International Undergraduate Degree-Seeking Students page to be considered for admission.

Transfer students applying to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UW-Parkside) must complete the steps on the International Students Transferring to UW-Parkside from a Different University page to be considered for admission.

Graduate students applying to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UW-Parkside) must complete the steps on the International Graduate Degree-Seeking Students page to be considered for admission.

Yes!  UW-Parkside welcomes international transfer students.  

For more on this, visit: International Transfer Students

UW-Parkside offers something called "rolling admission," which means we admit students throughout the year.  There are priority deadlines for each semester, however.

Undergraduate Admissions

  • Students applying for the Fall semester (beginning in September) are encouraged to complete the application process by May 30.
  • Students applying for the Spring semester (beginning in February) are encouraged to complete the application process by November 15 (for admission in the following calendar year).

Graduate Admissions

  • Students applying for the Fall semester (beginning in September) must complete the application process by January 1.
  • Students applying for the Spring semester (beginning in January) must complete the application process by August 1 (for admission in the following calendar year).

Please send all your documents to:

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Office of Admissions
900 Wood Road
P.O. Box 2000
Kenosha, WI 53140
United States of America

Phone: +1 (262) 595-2355
Fax: + 1 (262) 595-2008

Undergraduate international students pay the undergraduate application fee online through the application website.

Graduate international students pay the graduate student application fee online through the application website.

In these cases, we will evaluate your official transcript (translated into English), and you may be awarded college credits.

Undergraduate international students do not need to submit recommendation letters.

Graduate international students are required to submit two (2) letters of recommendation.

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is able to offer conditional admission to undergraduate and graduate applicants who meet academic and financial requirements and are enrolled in our ELS Program.  Students must demonstrate completion of the ELS level 112 intensive program - English for academic purpose for full admissions consideration.  The ELS program is conveniently located right at our university.


We do not require SAT or ACT for international students. 

Undergraduate students:
If you have taken either of these exams, we may consider that score in place of the TOEFL, IELTS or EIKEN scores, with permission from the Office of Admissions.

Requires official GRE score reports from applicants

  • Master of Science in Computer and Information Systems (MSCIS)

No, GRE score report required

  • Health Information Management and Technology (HIMT)
  • Applied Molecular Biology and master's degree applicants
  • Applied Professional Studies
  • Sustainable Management (SMGT)
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Graduate students looking to receive information for candidates taking the GMAT Exam or GRE Exam, write to:

Educational Testing Service
Box 966-R
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
United States of America
Phone: (609) 921-9000
GRE website:
GMAT website:

For information regarding the location of the test centers nearest you and test registration, see the following websites: 

TOEFL test    IELTS test


An education is one of the most important investments that you will make in yourself and in your future.

At the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, we believe that cost should not be a barrier to a great education, and we are committed to keeping costs down, so our students receive a quality education at an affordable price.  It's about much more than just the price – it's about the value of the education that you will receive, and the opportunities that will be created as a result of your education at Parkside.

Personal attention, small class sizes, limitless internship opportunities and dedicated faculty – here you'll find the qualities you want in your college experience, at a cost you can afford.

When planning to attend the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, students must certify that they have financial support for the first full year (two 16-week semesters outlined below).


Tuition and Fees $7,665 USD
Campus Housing and Meal Plan $3,513 USD
Health Insurance $846 USD
Miscellaneous expenses
[Textbooks, academic supplies,
bedding and living need supplies,
transportation costs, spending
money (groceries, toiletries, "fun"
money, funds for emergencies)]  
$2,226 USD
Total Cost for one 16-week semester $14,250 USD
Total Cost for two 16-week semesters $28,500 USD


Admitted international or non-US citizen students are eligible for scholarship consideration.  Scholarships are determined on an individual basis.  Scholarship awards are determined through the evaluation of academic records and test scores at the time of admission and range from $1500-$6000 USD. Please note that scholarship amounts are determined on a student-by-student basis, and not all international students qualify for scholarships. If awarded, the scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years as long as the student is enrolled full-time and keeps a cumulative (total) grade-point-average (GPA) above a 2.5/4.0.

For more information, visit: International Student Scholarships


 UW-Parkside has many features that set it apart.  
  • We are proud to be selected as the #1 Criminal Justice program in Wisconsin (of the 4 year universities).
  • Our campus features an English as a Second or Other Language program with ELS Language Schools for students needing English proficiency (mostly international students).
  • Our institution has the lowest crime rates in the UW-System.  Read the statistics.
  • Of the UW-System comprehensive 4 year schools, UW-Parkside has the most ethnic and racial diversity within the student body
  • We are rated one of the "Most Affordable" 4-year, comprehensive universities in the State of Wisconsin.
  • The Rangers basketball team was the #1 seed for the recent Regional tournament (that was held at UW-Parkside).
  • UW-Parkside is the only NCAA Division II Athletics program in the state of Wisconsin.
Placement rates—within 6 months—after graduation (in careers or graduate schools/PhD/Medical programs)
  • 92% for business
  • 96% for nursing
  • 100% for management information systems
  • 92% for theatre arts
  • 90% for pre-health into medical school of choice (national average is 41.4%...UWP far exceeds the national average)
  • 100% for computer science
  • 100% for biological sciences
We have very strong retention and graduation rates for students. 

UW-Parkside's focus on the environment

  • We are called UW-Parkside (instead of being named for the name of our city) for our location near a park and our park-like setting
  • We sit on 700 acres of natural beauty, featuring natural wildlife and woodlands
  • We are situated 5 minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan
  • Quiet, serene place to study

Small student body

  • 4,500 enrolled students -- students are be a "number" on our campus
  • 20-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • 50% of classes have 20 students or fewer; 70% of classes have 30 students or fewer
  • Our courses are all taught by faculty.  We don't have any Teaching Assistants.

We have a focus on "Real Amazing" opportunities (this is our catchphrase this year).  Our students have multiple opportunities to gain real world experience and apply their classroom learning outside of the classroom.

  • 500 student internship placements last year
  • Our small size allows for undergraduate research with faculty
  • We offer study abroad opportunities to more than 20 countries (and yes, international students can study abroad!)
  • Many courses offer community-based learning projects where students engage with their community for credit
  • Students develop interactive skills to demonstrate their learning such as presentations, public speaking, and group work

Excellent Location

  • Parkside is in Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee is to the north (45 minute drive)
  • Chicago is to the south (1 hour drive)
  • The campus is situated in a quiet, natural environment
  • Downtown Kenosha (shops, restaurants) is a few minutes away
  • Public transportation (bus, Amtrak and METRA rail service available)
  • First year students may have cars on campus if they choose
  • We offer international student scholarships
  • These are merit-based and are determined on a case-by-case basis


We're so glad you asked!  Here's a video about life on our amazing campus at UW-Parkside! 

There are three different styles of on-campus housing at UW-Parkside.  All three styles of housing have a residence hall front desk which is staffed each day for student support.

Ranger Hall
  • Six-story, traditional-style American residence hall
  • Houses over 400 residents
  • 2 students per room
  • Freshmen (first year student) housing
  • Each floor has one TV lounge and kitchenette
  • Each room is carpeted and furnished
  • Heated in cold months
  • Air conditioned in warm months with an adjustable thermostat

Take a virtual tour of Ranger Hall

Pike River Suites
  • Four-story suite-style residence hall
  • Houses 250 residents
  • Built in 2009
  • Floors have a lounge, kitchenette, and study area
  • Suites house up to 5 students, including one-person and two-person rooms
  • Each room is fully carpeted and furnished
  • Heated in cold months
  • Air conditioned in warm months with an adjustable thermostat
  • Home of the Global Village Leadership living-learning community (click to learn more)

Take a virtual tour of Pike River Suites

University Apartments
  • Three-story apartment-style residence hall
  • Houses 370 residents
  • Seven separate buildings
  • Each building has 6-10 four-bedroom apartments
  • Apartments house up to 7 students, including one single-room and three double-rooms
  • Each apartment has a full kitchen, living room area, and two bathrooms
  • Each room is fully carpeted and furnished
  • Heated in cold months
  • Air conditioned in warm months

Take a virtual tour of the University Apartments

For more on Residence Life and Housing, including a video overview of all housing options, visit:

US Work Opportunities for International Students

(F-1 visas)

It is extremely common for Parkside students to work in order to gain valuable vocational skills and to also help with university expenses.  We want to be sure that you are aware of the following work programs for international students.

On-campus work

International students are eligible for employment on the University campus.  Students find employment in campus offices including university computer services, bookstore, cafeterias, athletic facilities, academic departments, etc. Students can work up to 20 hours per week. The minimum wage in Wisconsin is $7.25 per hour.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Work Program

After two semesters in F-1 visa status, international students can apply for paid 3 internships with US employers.  The work positions must relate to their academic major and be part of an academic internship course.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Work Program

After two semesters, international students are eligible to apply for OPT which allows 12 months of paid employment related to their academic major during or after their studies.  This program requires an application fee and takes 3 months to process.  Usually international students save this opportunity until after they graduate.  


OPT Extension for Students in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM)

STEM majors may be able to extend their OPT period from 12 months to 36 months.  With this program, many international students are able to start their careers with significant professional work experience in the United States.



The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is located in the city of Kenosha, in the state of Wisconsin in the Midwest region of the United States.  The abbreviation for Wisconsin is "WI."

Map showing the location of Kenosha in relation to Chicago, Milwaukee, and the entire United States of America


University of Wisconsin-Parkside
900 Wood Road
P.O. Box 2000
Kenosha, WI 53140
United States of America

Distances from Kenosha, WI to major U.S. Cities

Madison, WI 161 100 View Map
Milwaukee, WI 50 31  View Map
Chicago, IL 110 69  View Map
Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN 590 366  View Map




Wisconsin's location

Wisconsin is a state in the upper Midwest of the United States.  It is a state that has the fortune to be near some of the Great Lakes of the United States.  North of Wisconsin is Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes.  To the west of Wisconsin is the state of Minnesota, home of the "Twin Cities" of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  To its south is the state of Illinois, the home of the city of Chicago.  The eastern coast of Wisconsin sits on Lake Michigan, and UW-Parkside is a short distance from its shores.

Wisconsin has a total population of about 5.8 million people.  Wisconsin offers a variety of different landscapes and experiences—everything from the night life, fine dining and cultural arts available in the larger cities of Madison (the capital city) and Milwaukee, to the quiet, peaceful shores of Lake Michigan, to the small, inviting farming communities providing rich, agricultural beauty.

Life in Wisconsin

As one of the United States' leading dairy product producers, Wisconsin is known as "America's Dairyland."  Cheese made in Wisconsin is known and enjoyed all over the world.  Wisconsin offers a lot to enjoy for everyone.  "Wisconsinites" (people from Wisconsin) enjoy the four seasons—biking and boating in the summer and fall, cross-country skiing and ice-fishing in the winter and early spring. 

Downtown Kenosha, featuring shopping, cinemas, restaurants and recreation, is a short distance from UW-Parkside.  On campus, you will find a commitment to the culture and the arts through productions in the UW-Parkside Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Art and Humanities ("The Rita") and art exhibits throughout the University galleries.  Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the beauty that Wisconsin has to offer and try new or familiar these activities while studying at UW-Parkside!

Fast facts about Kenosha, Wisconsin

  • Kenosha is a friendly community of 168,000 people.

  • Kenosha is just over one hour from Chicago. So, big-city excitement is close by!
  • UW-Parkside's  campus is 5 minutes from beautiful Lake Michigan.
  • We  have four distinct seasons, each with its own natural beauty.
  • Nearby state parks and natural areas allow students to enjoy Wisconsin's outdoor  beauty.
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