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Weekly Open Office Hour Discussions

While there are fewer random conversations in the hallways or before or after classes, we still wish to be connected with you and to help you stay connected with and informed about the Communication Department.

That's where COMMversations comes in. Each week will focus on a theme, and there's time to ask questions and virtually mingle with other Communication students. Plus, students interested in majoring in communication or studying any of our many minors and certificates are always welcome!


Adventures of Ranger Bear

"Adventures of Ranger Bear" Premiere

May 3  |  4 pm

Hosted by Shemayah Paige

In this Commversation, we premiered “Adventures of Ranger Bear," a point and click adventure game created by communication student Shemayah Paige. As Ranger Bear, players try to spend one day in the life of a Parkside student, facing classes such as Math, Geo, and most importantly Communication. Each subject/game level comes with puzzles and trivia that challenge the players. The end goal is a fun game that gives props to the graduating class of 2021, as well as a reminder of the Communication Department learning goals.


Did you miss a commversation? Catch up with recordings. 


Fall Course Preview

April 5  |  4 pm

Hosted by Communication Faculty

While hosting the Fall 2021 Class Preview COMMversation, Dr. Castor was joined by the majority of the Communication department’s faculty. In order to give an overview of the communication courses that will be offered in the fall, each faculty member of the department had the chance to describe the class(s) they will be teaching and a glimpse of what the class will entail. In this fall course preview, they were also joined by advisors, Katie Abbott and Tyler Eschmann, whom introduced themselves and welcomed to provide assistance to any student who needs it.  

COMMversations April 12

Public Relations

Apr 12  |  4 pm

Hosted by Morgan Niesen

In this COMMversation, Samantha Crafton, CEO of Samantha Crafton Public Relations, joined host Morgan Niesen and staff from the Communication department as well as students in the Communication major or minor. In this hour discussion, Samantha answered a series of question regarding her experience finding a PR job after graduating, tips and advice on what employers are looking for in a PR employee, her daily tasks as a CEO of a PR company, and much more. This was a great opportunity for students to get real insight and advice into working in the public relations field.  

COMMversations April 19

Communication Jobs in the Media Entertainment Industry

Apr 19  |  4 pm

Hosted by Shemayah Paige

In this COMMversation we are talking with Professor Gil Gonzalez residing at Whitter College as Director of Theatre & Communication Arts. He is a UW-Parkside alumnus who double majored in Dramatic Arts and History. He has a wide array of experience in producing, directing, and acting with professional experience in understanding the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.  We also discussed important topics regarding what kind of jobs our graduating Communication students could investigate in the entertainment industry.

COMMversations April 19

How to Interview Through Zoom

Apr 26  |  4 pm

Hosted by Morgan Niesen

In this COMMversation, Renee Young-Trego joined host Morgan Niesen and staff from the Communication department as well as students in the Communication major and minor. In this hour discussion, Renee, the Assistant Director of the Advising and Career Center here on campus, gave advice on zoom interviews. With plenty of experience, Renee was able to provide advice on aspects of online interviews such as how to properly prepare, physical appearance, background/setting and body language. This was a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge on the best ways to succeed in online interviews. 

Looking for Fall 2020 COMMversations?

Catch up on what you missed or rewatch your favorite COMMversation. (We definitely had some good ones!) View Fall 2020 recordings.

Need captions? Please contact Theresa Castor: castor@uwp.edu

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