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Communication Department

The Communication Department is a dynamic, student-focused and community-engaged program that focuses on the development of cultural competence within the context of the local community, the nation, and the larger world. We do this through experiential learning opportunities within the context of theoretical coursework.

Reflecting the realities of everyday personal, civic, and professional life, you will work closely with your instructors, your student peers, community organizations, and businesses (local or global) to develop a range of communication skills and knowledge such as mediating conflicts, marketing and promoting your organization, developing your personal or professional social media presence, building personal or professional relationships, and much more

We live in a time shaped by new technologies, digital media, cultural convergence, a global economy, and a rich diversity of cultures. The department is structured around communities of practice with emphasis on four areas: media studies, human interaction, organizational communication, and public relations.

Studies indicate that, in the future, there will be jobs that currently do not exist. The department emphasizes knowledge and competencies that will help you to remain nimble and flexible in an ever changing global society. Our goal is to prepare you for a complex future by developing skills that apply to multiple life and work situations. These communication skills include writing, speaking, listening, resolving conflicts, and interacting across and within different cultures whether face to face or mediated.

Emphasizing the relationship between theory and practice, you will be given the opportunity to improve your skills in oral, written, group, and digital projects to develop a deep understanding of the complex process of human communication. In addition to regular coursework, you will be supported in completing at least one internship, community-based learning project, and/or research project before you graduate!

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Faculty Highlights

  • Parkside Communication Faculty Jacquelyn Arcy

    Jacquelyn Arcy, PHD
    Assistant Professor

    Jacquelyn Arcy is an Assistant Professor of New Media in the Department of Communication. She has her Ph.D. in Critical Media Studies from the University of Minnesota, and her MA in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Cincinnati. Her areas of specialization are television studies, digital media and culture, media industries, and feminist media studies.

  • Parkside Communication Faculty Theresa Castor

    Theresa Castor, PHD

    Theresa Castor conducts research on organizational decision-making, focusing on crisis and problem situations in meetings and governance groups. She graduated from the University of Washington in 1999 with a PhD in Speech Communication

  • Linda Crafton, EDD

    Linda Crafton completed her doctoral studies in Language, Literacy, and Culture with an emphasis in Reading/Literacy at Indiana University. Prior to coming to UW Parkside, Dr. Crafton was a Professor at Northeastern Illinois University and a Director of Teacher Education Assessment at Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy where she also taught graduate courses in literacy.

  • Parkside Communication Professor Hilary Rasmussen

    Hilary Rasmussen, PHD
    Assistant Professor

    Hilary Rasmussen is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric in the Department of Communication. She has her Ph.D. in Communication with certifications in Rhetorical Leadership and Women's and Gender Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and her MA in Communication with an emphasis in Women’s Historical Rhetoric from Northern Illinois University. Her areas of specialization are argumentation, public relations, social movement and legal discourses, and LGBTQIA+ studies.

  • Parkside Communication Faculty Johnathan Shailor

    Johnathan Shailor, PHD

    Jonathan Shailor is the Director of the Certificate Program in Conflict Analysis & Resolution and The Shakespeare Prison Project. His teaching and research focus on storytelling, dialogue, and performance as means to personal and social transformation.

  • Parkside Communication Faculty Adrienne Viramontes

    Adrienne Viramontes, PHD
    Associate Professor

    Adrienne Viramontes is an Associate Professor in the Communication Department. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Purdue University Calumet, and a Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University. She specializes in identity, intersectionality, qualitative research methods, and Chicana/o history and identities.

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