Election Lecture Series

Political Communication and Election 2020


OCT 24  |  National Vote Early Day
NOV 3  |  Election Day


Gender in the Political Arena – How Far Have Women Come? 

Nov 17  |  6 pm

Dr. Linda Crafton

This presentation will provide an historical overview from the time women earned the right to vote to the current presidential election in which Kamala Harris is a Vice President nominee.

Email castor@uwp.edu for the link to join.

Race and Media Representation in the 2020 Election

Nov 24 | 6 pm

Dr. Anjuli Brekke

In this talk, we'll first discuss the relationship between racial ideologies in the United States and the media before turning to how this history of representations of race in the media is playing out in the 2020 election. As a case study, we will be analyzing the controversy surrounding Kamala Harris's citizenship, a controversy that echoes the birther lie of the Obama presidency.

Email castor@uwp.edu for the link to join.

All lectures are virtual, free, and open to the public.


Crisis in Politics, Politics in Crisis: [sub-title subject to change]

Oct 27  |  6 pm

Dr. Theresa Castor

This presentation will discuss the inter-relationship between language-use, crises, and politics and how labels are related to social perceptions of what a crisis is. The talk will focus on the crises that have been key topics in the presidential election such as the pandemic and race relations.

Political Advertising on Social Media: How Data Mining and Target Ads Impact Democracy

Oct 20  |  6 pm

Dr. Jacquelyn Arcy

This talk will explain how popular social media platforms regulate political advertising, how companies target users with political ads, and what we can do about it.

Attacking Arguments, Not People: The Lost Art of Debate

Oct 6  |  6 pm

Dr. Hilary Rasmussen

In this talk, we'll discuss the historical context of presidential debate, the function of argumentation in constructing audiences, and how communication literacy (or lack thereof) shapes debate format in the present day.

The Co-creation of Political Identities: Reflection, Lived Experience, and Change

Sep 22  |  6 pm

Dr. Adrienne Viramontes

This presentation highlights a process of reflection with the intention to better understand the phenomenon of being a part of a politically divisive family.

Dialogue Across Political Differences

Sep 15  |  6 pm

Dr. Jonathan Shailor

This talk will explore the unique characteristics and advantages of dialogue as a tool for depolarizing our political discourse.

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