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Communication Scholarships

There are several scholarships that are available to new and continuing Communication majors. Students will be awarded a scholarship only after they have been admitted to the University.


The Communication Department has an endowed scholarship fund which it awards annually to a student who has declared and been accepted into the Communication. The criteria of academic excellence and extracurricular involvement are taken into consideration in awarding this scholarship. 

To apply, students should submit their application through the UW-Parkside SCHOLARSHIPS page before February 1.


The Picken Scholarship is awarded through the College of Arts and Humanities to students majoring in an Arts or Humanities program, including Communication. The Picken Scholarships are competitive $1,500 scholarships, renewable for up to four years. The competition is only for incoming first year or transfer students in the Arts or Humanities. 

Students who wish to apply as an incoming Communication major for the Picken Scholarship should plan to come to campus on Picken Scholarship Day for an in-person interview with Communication Department faculty and staff. It is recommended that applicants bring and be prepared to discuss an example of their work in Communication (e.g., portfolio, essay, newspaper article, blog, website, etc.).

For additional information on the Picken Scholarship, please visit College of Arts and Humanities Picken Scholarship

Mary Louise Link Arts and Humanities Scholarship

The Mary Louise Link Arts and Humanities Scholarship is for continuing UW-Parkside students in Arts or Humanities majors (Art, Communication, English, Liberal Studies, Modern Languages, Music, and Theatre). This scholarship is intended for a student trying to complete his/her Arts or Humanities degree, so the student must have already completed at least 60 credit hours before applying. and is renewable for up to two years. This particular scholarship was endowed by the Kenosha Community Foundation, so it is limited only to students who resided in Kenosha County while completing high school (or the equivalent). More details and an online application are here.


Consideration for academic scholarship is given to students who have been admitted to the university before February 1st

For more information on academic scholarships visit the UW-Parkside SCHOLARSHIPS page.

For financial aid information visit the UW-Parkside FINANCIAL AID page.

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