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Mathematics Major

Mathematics is of central importance in the sciences. In fact, mathematics has been called the language of science. This applies not only to the physical and biological sciences but increasingly to the social, managerial, and behavioral sciences as well. 

Much of mathematics, and the mathematics major at Parkside, has been developed to meet the needs of the areas of human knowledge that it serves. In addition to its service role in other areas, mathematics occupies a place of its own in our intellectual heritage. From ancient Greece to our own times, people have been drawn to the elegant structure and the fascinating problems of mathematics.

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Real Opportunities
Math majors choose from three concentrations: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or teaching mathematics in elementary and secondary school. Courses are taught by dedicated professors, some of whom have won awards in teaching or research. The Mathematics Department faculty is committed to helping every student interested in the compelling field of math to succeed.
Amazing Results
The future outlook for careers in mathematics remains promising, especially for those who combine their training with other specialties. A degree in mathematics with supporting work in computer science, business, or economics will increase employment opportunities.
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