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Physics is an exciting field that explores and identifies basic principles governing the structure and behavior of matter, the generation and transfer of energy, and the interaction of matter and energy. 


As a physics major at Parkside, you will discover ways to apply physical laws and theories to problems in nuclear energy, electronics, optics, materials, communication, aerospace technology, navigation equipment, and medical instrumentation. 

The physics major is primarily intended for you to pursue graduate work in physics or related areas, careers in higher education, or careers in technology-based industry.

Physics majors can expect a rigorous but well-balanced program. Department faculty is active in thought-provoking and interesting research in which students will have ample opportunities to get involved. Many students have even appeared as co-authors on a number of scientific publications in research and teaching journals.

Physics majors are in high demand in all high-tech fields and in teaching professions. Some positions include aerospace testing specialists, biophysicists, nuclear power managers, laboratory technologists and researchers, satellite missions analysts, seismologists, and several more.

Recent graduates have gone onto graduate schools such as UW-Madison, Ohio State University, and Oxford in England.


Students may choose to explore the fundamentals of the exciting field that is physics by pursuing a physics minor.  

Small class sizes at all levels of instruction, coupled with an outstanding faculty, some of whom have won school-wide awards in teaching or research, makes Parkside an ideal university to study physics at the undergraduate level.

With classes in introductory physics leading to modern and advanced physics, students can appreciate the basics of physics and apply their knowledge to other sciences and majors.


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