UW-Parkside Archaeological Dig Galleries

UW-Parkside students in our Anthropology program can participate in archaeological digs led by a professional anthropologist from our Sociology-Anthropology Department, Dr. Bob Sasso. In recent years, his digs have taken place at sites throughout our local region, and have uncovered a trading post, pioneer cabins, an early tavern, and Native American settlements dating back to the early 1800s. Together, the students spend several weeks during the summer months every other year, working each day to carefully uncover and document artifacts in their contexts, like fragments of dishes or smoking pipes, buttons and buckles, tools and utensils, coins, and arrowheads from societies long past. These tangible, physical traces of the past represent the lives and activities of those who lived here before us, and connect us – professionals and students alike – to those earlier lives in meaningful ways. Have a look at our students in action!


Montgomery Dig 2013
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