The Company Model

Parkside you are much more than just a theatre major; you become a member of our professional theatre training company. Our company is capped at 65 exceptional scholar/artists who receive personalized training within a creative and collaborative learning environment. We don't want the most students; we want the best -- and we want them all to thrive in a spirit of collaboration.

Parkside is one of the few schools in the upper Midwest to offer a solid liberal arts education and a variety of BFA-level concentrations in the following areas:

  • Acting / Performance
  • Direction and Management
  • Design and Technology
A graduate of the Theatre Arts Department will demonstrate their knowledge through:
  1. Effective communication in writing, speaking, and presentation
  2. Critical and Creative Thinking
  3. Collaboration
  4. Knowledge Across Broad Disciplinary Areas: analytical, technical and creative
  5. Professionalism and Self-Reflection
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Learning Outcomes for Theatre Students
Learning Outcomes for Effective Communication (Communication and Reasoned Judgment)
  • Students can analyze texts in writing and through presentation, design and performance
  • Students can effectively present their creative ideas in an appropriate way
  • Students can interview and audition professionally

Learning Outcomes for Critical and Creative Thinking
 (Communication and Reasoned Judgment)
  • Students can synthesize, integrate, and apply their knowledge to practical situations
  • Students can find innovative and/or practical ways to evaluate and solve problems
  • Students can assess the relationship between a text, its historical importance and contemporary relevance, and develop their own interpretation

Learning Outcomes for Collaboration
 (Communication and Social and Personal Responsibility)
  • Students understand the centrality of collaboration in the creation of theatre
  • Students can work in a variety of teams to creatively solve problems and produce quality theatre
  • Students can successfully lead a team with respect and professionalism

Learning Outcomes for Knowledge across Disciplinary Areas
 (Communication, Reasoned Judgment, Social and Personal Responsibility)
  • Students demonstrate a broad knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature, as well as an understanding of contemporary theatrical practices
  • Students can demonstrate basic skills in technical theatre, including costumecraft, stagecraft, and basic lighting
  • Students can demonstrate basic knowledge in performance and directing

Learning Outcomes for Professionalism and Self-Reflection
 (Communication and Social and Personal Responsibility)
  • Students can integrate and apply their learning experiences and skills to professional work in the theatre or other related occupation.
  • Students have developed a clear and honest assessment of their own skills and talents along with an ability to articulate those skills to would-be employers as they move forward into the world of work.
  • Students can present themselves and their work outside of the university concurrent with professional standards for this art form
  • Students recognize the power of theatre for social change, and can articulate and demonstrate a sense of personal and social responsibility both to the profession and to the world at large
Community Outreach

Community Service: Providing valuable community resources is key to our mission!

We realize that UW-Parkside serves as a valuable arts resource for our greater community. We know that it is our privilege and responsibility to share our creativity, talents, time, and resources with our audiences and other members of the theatre community who are involved in educational theatre endeavors.

In order to share our theatrical gifts and resources with our audience and community, we have established the following community service projects:

  • Accessible, high-quality live theatre presentations - We strive to provide the members of our university and regional community the finest contemporary and classical plays and musicals at reasonable prices and convenient times. We attempt to provide our audiences with diverse and challenging productions that both entertain and educate.
  • Matinee outreach program - Every production includes reduced-priced matinee performances for schools, senior citizen organizations, and other groups. We also provide teachers and group leaders with study guides, learning materials, theatre tours, and on-site workshops to help them to further enhance the live theatre experience.
  • Popular general education courses - As a part of our theatre curriculum, we offer course in theatre appreciation, theatre history, and performance. These courses are offered to non-majors every semester and most summers.
  • Free theatre workshops and presentations - The UW-Parkside theatre students and staff are available to offer a variety of free theatre-related workshops for community groups. Let us know what you need and we'll try to tailor-make a program for you!
  • Costume and properties rental programs - We are happy to share our resources and artistic products with others as they "make theatre happen" on their own stages. Let us know what you need!

Can we serve you in any other way?

Please contact Professor Lisa Kornetsky, and let us know who we can serve the community in other ways!

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