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If you have 45-60 college credits, finish your Bachelor of Arts degree online with the flexibility to choose advanced classes in multiple disciplines to design a major that addresses your individual career goals. 

This major is comprised of a broad base of disciplines, grounded in the liberal arts tradition. As a graduate of the liberal studies program, you will develop a wide range of skills that can be adapted to your particular areas of interest. 

Your convenient, online degree prepares you to… 

  • Communicate effectively 
  • Think critically and creatively 
  • Make connections across disciplines 
  • Become knowledgeable, engaged citizens of our local and global communities 
  • Assume leadership roles  
  • Apply your knowledge in all areas of your professional and personal lives 

Learn more about Liberal Studies Department at Parkside.

Before applying, complete the Degree Completion Program Readiness Evaluation Request Form to determine if you meet the minimum requirements to apply to the Liberal Studies Degree Completion Online Program.

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Online is designed for students who have completed:

  1. A minimum of 60 college credits;
  2. Completion of the UW-Parkside Skills requirements;
  3. Completion of the UW-Parkside Foreign Language requirements;
  4. Completion of the UW-Parkside General Education requirements (Students who have fewer than five General Education courses left to take may be considered for admission); or, completion of an AA degree from an accredited institution;
  5. Each student application will be evaluated by admissions counselors and Liberal Studies advisors. Students who have not completed some of these requirements may be given conditional admission and are expected to complete all requirements needed for a UW-Parkside degree.

Note: Student already enrolled in the on-campus Liberal Studies: Organizational Studies major do not need to re-apply to the online program to take online courses, if they choose.

Follow the general guidelines below to determine how close your qualifications parallel our program's expectations for success.

GREEN  |  30 credits remaining to degree completion. Language requirement met. Earned an Associate of Arts

ORANGE  |  60 credits remaining to degree completion. Language and diversity requirements not met.

RED  |  90 credits remaining to degree completion. General Education requirement incomplete. Language and diversity requirements not met.

Note: These are only general guidelines. An evaluation of your academic record and discussion with our advisor will result in a more complete picture of your likelihood of success.

As a liberal studies major completing your degree online, you can pursue a concentration in organizational studies. And, when you graduate, you will be well-prepared for the variety of careers that require understanding humanity's complexity and diversity. These may include the fields of teaching, finance, graphic design, and law. Students may also pursue graduate programs in business, law, and more.



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Faculty Highlights

    Lecturer and Advisor - Liberal Studies

    Josh Hall is a UW-Parkside Alumnus interested in various types of abject bodies in media. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in English from UW-Parkside, Josh attended Trent University’s Theory, Culture, and Politics Master’s Program in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where he studied critical race theory, film studies, and age/disability studies. He defended his Master’s thesis in September 2014.


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