Today, more people access the internet via a mobile device than a traditional computer, and applications for mobile devices are exploding in popularity. As businesses and organizations catch up with the mobile trend, demand for mobile software will continue to grow, so mobile development skills will be increasingly important.

The Computer Science Department offers you a certificate in mobile development for you to explore a career involving developing mobile applications for tablet computers and mobile phones. With the rise in popularity and functionality of mobile devices, the need for skilled mobile developers has increased. 

The mobile app certificate provides you with a background in writing software for multiple mobile device platforms, designing user interfaces for mobile devices, and designing networking architecture to connect mobile devices to each other.

You may enter the program at any point, depending on background and experience. Get ready to gain practical hands-on knowledge of the tools used to both create and monitor mobile apps for multiple devices!

Some courses you will be taking

Mobile Device Interfaces

Focuses on the fundamentals of interface design for mobile devices. Topics include input, output, organization, and human-computer interaction. Various tools are used to design and implement interfaces appropriate for various screen sizes and resolutions found on mobile devices.

Mobile Development I

Examines existing tools, environments and programming languages for developing applications for mobile devices on the Android platform. Explores current research on mobile applications and future trends. Cross-listed with CIS 523.

Networked Applications

Explores server-side application programming concepts. Topics include server   architectures, communication   protocols, relational databases and database connectivity, dynamic content delivery and communication security. Cross-listed with CIS 674.

Some career options

  • Software Developer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Developer


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Faculty Highlights

  • Timothy Knautz
    Professor of Computer Science, Web an Mobile Software

    Prof. Timothy Knautz has over fifteen years of experience as a Software Engineer for high tech companies such as GE Healthcare, Marquette Medical Systems, Merge Technologies and Fluid Dynamics, Intl. Mr. Knautz also has over fifteen years’ experience teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Tim joined UW–Parkside as a Lecturer in the Computer Science department in 2001. He teaches the introductory computer, object oriented programming, client and server web programming and web security. Previous to that, Tim worked in industry as a software engineer. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Tim is the Founder and Associate Director of the App Factory and the Director of the Solutions for Economic Growth (SEG) Center. Tim’s technical and programming expertise concentrates mainly on Web and mobile software engineering and programming.

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