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Philosophy Major

Philosophy is a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths concerning the nature of the world and humanity. It is the basis of value and ethical obligation. Philosophy seeks to discern the nature and scope of knowledge, both scientific and otherwise, to establish standards of evidence. It seeks out rational ways of resolving conflict and creates techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments. 

And yet, few people think first of philosophy when they hear of a discipline that produces critical thinkers, skilled in writing and analysis. 

Philosophy graduates from Parkside have developed skill in the presentation, analysis and criticism of arguments, and insight into human values and the rational bases that have been proposed for them. 

They learn to listen critically and understand opposing views to identify and appreciate the values behind a person's thinking and to hold their own in debate. As a result, they have been able to pursue a variety of vocational interests.

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Real Opportunities
Graduates seeking careers have found opportunities in other humanities and social science fields, law, librarianship, medical careers, political science, and business. Philosophy majors also go on to art history, journalism, religious ministry, and teaching careers.
Amazing Results
Crystal Berns pursued a double major in philosophy and psychology and a minor in political science. For Crystal, philosophy addresses many other disciplines and her education sparked an interest in social and health issues. As a result, she chose to volunteer at a homeless shelter and holistic health center, and became head of the Parkside Philosophy Club, planning sessions for students to engage in discussions about topics of the day.
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