FERPA - Tutorial 10

No one is exempt from the rules of FERPA. Violation of students' rights of privacy may result in severe penalties to the individual violator and/or to the university. Do not release information about a student if you have doubts or questions about confidentiality or privacy issues.

  • In an emergency situation, a student may be reached through either the Dean of Students Office (Wyllie Hall 340, 262-595-2598) or through University Police (Tallent Hall 188, 262-595-2455).
  • Any questions regarding FERPA guidelines or requests for information should be addressed directly to the Office of the Registrar (Wyllie D187, 262-595-2281).

The following pages have scenarios for you to review to see if you can apply the FERPA guidelines. Please read each scenario, think about the answer and then see if you are correct. Return to review the tutorial again as needed.

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