step 1

Complete the UW System Online Application

Create an account and start a special student application for Parkside at   For a step by step guide, please click here.

Please email your Release of Information or Guaranteed Admissions form to This form is needed to verify that you should receive priority registration and allows us to send your transcript for FREE to Gateway Technical College at the end of the term.   

step 2

Activate your UW-Parkside account (SOLAR). 

You should have received an email from admissions with information about how to set up your account. You will need to use your SOLAR account to register for class and pay your bill. 

step 3

Register for your UW-Parkside class 

Check your SOLAR account for your registration day and time. Your will be able to register anytime on or after your assigned time for fall and spring terms.  There are no appointment times for winterim and summer terms.  Need some help with SOLAR, check out the Registration Tips website.

Be sure and check with your Gateway Technical College advisor to make sure that the course you want to take will satisfy one of your AA - AS requirements. 


If you receive financial aid, you will need to complete a financial aid consortial agreement each semester. You can get the form from the Gateway Technical College Financial Aid office. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone can apply as a special student. There are no transcripts required and there is no cost to apply. 

If you have trouble activating your SOLAR account, you can contact our TechBar at 262-595-2444 or email  


The Guaranteed Admission form will give you the piece of mind to know that you will automatically be accepted to UW-Parkside once you complete your program. It also tells us early in your college career that that you are interested in transferring to UW-Parkside.

The Information Release form or the Guaranteed Admissions form gives us permission to send your transcript to Gateway Technical College at the end of the term. This saves you both time and money.

We also need to verify that you are in the AA - AS program at Gateway Technical program so that you can register right after our students. 

If we don't have the form,  you will need to request and pay for your transcript each semester and will not be able to register until other special students.

No, you will not need to submit a special student application each semester. Your special student status will be active for up to 2 years after your are first admitted as a special student. After all required application materials are submitted, a committee will review.

At your assigned day and time, you can log into SOLAR to register for your class. Click here to learn how to register for class in SOLAR. If you have questions, you can contact the Registrar's office at 262-595-2799.

Talk with a counselor


Becky Young
Transfer Admissions Counselor

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