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Aztalan, An Abandoned Village?

May 21  | 1 - 3 pm  |  In-person Tallent Hall, Room 182 or thru Zoom
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Robert Birmingham, senior lecturer in Anthropology at the UW-Madison, and former State Archaeologist for Wisconsin, will present for us. Aztalan is Wisconsin's premier archaeological site now a part of Aztalan State Park that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It was a heavily fortified Native American town occupied between AD 1050 and 1250 by people of the great Mississippian civilization from southern Illinois who shared the community with local Native people. This presentation describes the ancient town, the lives of the people who lived there, and the significance of the site in Wisconsin and U. S. history.

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Why Native Plants?

Jun 5| 1 -  3 pm  |  In-person Tallent Hall, Room 182 or Online by Zoom
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ALL Immediate Past President, Karen Kempinen, leads this class about native plants and how they support our ecosystem. Today's environmental challenges are so enormous that it is easy to feel helpless, as if one person can't make a difference - despite talk that suggests you can. In this case, however, you can make a difference. By choosing ecologically-effective plants for your landscape, by shrinking your lawn, and by removing your invasive ornamentals, all actions a single person can take, you will be able to make a difference that you can see, and enjoy, almost immediately. Life will return to your property!

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