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Adventures in Lifelong Learning

Classes provide an in-depth learning opportunity. Offering a wide array of topics and a yearly Week of Learning. Learn more about current class offerings and more below. 

Current Class Description

CBD Oil:  Snake Oil or Cure All

Jan 19  | 10 am-12 pm  |  Online
Register by Jan 15

Dr. Erin Merritt, Doctor of Pharmacy, will give us some of the real science behind the uses of CBD oil. We can then make an informed decision about whether to consider using it, rather than just stopping at one of the numerous places displaying CBD banners and giving it a try without understanding for what, or for whom, it may or may not be appropriate. As time permits she will also give us some of her thoughts on other natural and holistic alternatives available as we attempt to navigate our "golden years".

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A Virtual Trip Through Europe With Laura Gellott and Helen Perry Curtis

Jan 21  | 10 am-12 pm  |  Online
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ALL members will recall that Dr. Laura Gellott has several times talked about her book-in-progress about the life, times, and travels of Helen Perry Curtis. The book Helen Perry Curtis and the European Trip of a Lifetime was published in October 2020. In this presentation, we will follow Helen through the Europe of the 1930s:  a time when travel was colorful and often glamorous, but also an era when Europe stood on the brink of profound challenge and change. Included will be some of the challenges and rewards encountered in bringing Dr. Gellott's book to publication.

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It's Reigning Cats & Dogs! Egyptian Canid and Feline Deities

Feb 16  | 10 am-12 pm  |  Online
Register by Feb 12

Cats and dogs played a prominent role within the faith life of ancient Egypt. We will explore the origins of these animals as articles of faith and devotion. Peter Chiappori, archivist for two tombs in the Valley of the Kings, will be our guide.

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How the Arts Need to Change to Survive

Feb 25  | 1:30-3:30 pm  |  Online
Register by Feb 15

Nicholas Huff (President) and Kaila Bingen (Vice-President), who are co-founders of the Kenosha Opera Festival, will share how they use their tools, their time, and their people to bring the arts to their audience in this digital age.

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Registration Information

To register for classes members can register via the links provided for each class or send in a check to the address provided.

Please make all payments at time of registration.

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