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Current Class Description

The First Amendment and Its Limits:  A Badger Talks Presentation

Sep 14 | 10 am-12 pm  |  Online only
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Professor Howard Schweber, College of Letters and Science, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison is our presenter. Everyone is in favor of free speech, but no one actually believes all speech should be equally protected:  "give me your wallet or I'll shoot you" is a good example. What have the courts actually said about what kinds of speech are protected and when, and what are the problems with those standards?

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Opera Class:  The Met "Live" at the Movies

Five Fridays:  Oct 14, Nov 18, Jan 13, Apr 7, May 19

10:30 am -12 pm | In-person or On Zoom
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In a series of five classes, Professor Greg Berg will lead us through ten upcoming operas that you can see on your own, Live in HD, at local theaters. You will enjoy these classes even if you don't attend all of the theater performances. You must register for all 5 classes. The Met's 2022-2023 season of live movie theater transmissions features ten spectacular productions, including four Met premieres.

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Get in Shape with Reflexology

Oct 21 | 10 am-12 pm  |  In-person only
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Kelli Scharping holds a License in Massage Therapy and Bodywork, a Certification in Hand and Foot Reflexology and owns a practice in Caledonia. In this discussion Kelli will be covering a brief history of where Reflexology came from, what Reflexology is and is not, how Reflexology affects the body, what you can expect from a Reflexology session, as well as a demonstration and practical self-application to bring home with you.

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Celestial Navigation

Oct 28 | 10 am - 12 pm | In-person or On Zoom
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Thad Phetteplace, a recreational sailor, is the presenter. Prepare for an exciting journey back in time and across the seas, when courageous mariners gazed into the heavens to find their way on treacherous waters. In a story that includes early Polynesian sailors in modest outrigger canoes, to European tea clippers sailing around the southern tip of Africa, to modern merchant and naval ships spanning the globe, the stars have led the way. Explore the history, examine an actual nautical sextant and learn the fundamentals of how celestial navigation works.

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Does My Vote Count? -Redistricting, a Badger Talk

Nov 1 | 10 am-12 pm | On Zoom only
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Professor Dr. David Canon, Professor of American Politics, in the Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison, is the presenter for this Badger Talk. He will discuss the decennial (every ten years) process of redistricting that shapes voting in America. He will talk about the history of redistricting, outline the relevant court cases, point out the problems with redistricting, and suggest some possible reforms.

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