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ALL Points Bulletin (APB) 

A New Publication Schedule for the APB
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January 15 Feb., Mar., Apr. February 1 1st Feb. lecture
April 15 May, Jun., Jul. May 1 1st May lecture
July 15 Aug., Sept., Oct. August 1 1st Aug. lecture
October 15 Nov., Dec., Jan. November 1 1st Nov. lecture

(Files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.)


ALL Calendar

ALL Lecture Series

Descriptions of the lectures may be found on the Events page. The newest schedules will now be posted on the Events page under Lectures. Click Top of the Page, then ALL Events in the box on the right side of the page.


ALL Board Members and Committee Chairpersons

ALL Board Operations Manual

(Files are in pdf format unless otherwise noted.  Most recent update as of June 2018.)




Lectures Committee

Class Committee
Day Trips Committee

Finance Committee

Social Committee

Membership Committee

Publicity Committee

ALL Annual Meeting




ALL Strategic Plan

2015 5-yr Strategic Plan (pdf)
2014 5-yr Strategic Plan (pdf)

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