Cloud Services and Mobile Devices

Cloud Services & Mobile Devices 
Services such as, iCloud and Box keep a copy of data you opt to share with them on non-UW-P computers (known as web servers) where it is stored and always connected to the Internet (also called "the cloud"). While convenient, use of these services pose a security risk on many levels when UW-P data is involved.

Each of these cloud services are considered a personal resource and involve an agreement you make with the service provider. As a result, UW-P is unable to backup, retrieve and restore any information kept on cloud services. UW-P discourages the use of these services for official university business. 

Confidential student information (including, but not limited to Student ID photos) should not be stored on a cell phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, flash drive or cloud storage site and never should be sent via email. 

Storage of non-public UW-P information on a mobile devices should always be encrypted via a standalone app – the device's security alone is not considered an acceptable method of encryption.

UW-P makes every effort to secure confidential information and, to the best of our ability, protects the privacy of students, faculty, and staff. Storing non-public unencrypted data on mobile devices puts the privacy and security of the University’s data at risk.

Phones and mobile devices need to be protected just like any other computer.
Imagine that your phone or other mobile device was lost or stolen. In addition to the device, what information did they get? Which of your accounts and credit cards can they use? Only store information you’re willing to lose. See for information about:
  • protecting mobile devices 
  • prevention in case of theft or loss 
  • wireless security

A special note about mobile devices with GPS: 
If your device has GPS, you may be sharing information about your location when you post to the Internet. GPS-enabled phones can also embed location information in pictures. It is a good idea to review the privacy settings on the sites you use to see if you can limit who can see your location information.
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