Technology Steering

Technology Roadmap

The Technology Roadmap (PDF) is our technology plan. CTS and other stakeholders work to align it with the campus strategic plan. It does not include all we do but shows our key strategic projects. This document is a point-in-time snapshot and is current as of the time it was produced.

Technology Steering Group & Technology Teams

These groups are the campus leaders and drivers of our technological growth. 

  • The Technology Steering Group (TSG) owns the IT project portfolio and makes key decisions. 
  • The TSG Extended team provides cross-functional input for technology projects and bi-directional communication to and from the TSG and other groups.
  • The Core Team provides oversight and sets priorities for the development and integration of the Student Information System. 
  • The Infrastructure Team brings together central and distributed infrastructure and user service experts. 
  • The Communications Team ensures that technology changes are properly disseminated to the campus community.
  • The Training Team provides in-person instruction on technology tools as well as tool documentation.
  • Other teams gather and dissolve as needed for specific projects and initiatives.

Access to the meeting minutes, notes and documents for these teams will be provided via Sharepoint (requires campus ID to log in).

Information Resources Committee (IRC)

Meeting notes, minutes, documents (requires campus ID to log in)

Data Team

Office of Institutional Effectiveness, The Data Team strives to provide oversight for the information the campus needs to make sound technology-related decisions.

Student Tech Fee Committee

The Student Technology Fee committee reviews plans for the allocation of the Student Technology Fee. It is governed by UW Policy F49. Meeting notes, minutes, documents (requires campus ID and permission to log in)

Web Development Team

The Web Development Team is responsible for oversight and decision-making regarding the University of Wisconsin-Parkside website. Information including team membership, workorder forms, and announcements can be found on the team's website.


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