The Center for Excellence in Inclusive Teaching & Learning is available to assist you in writing AI course policies, creating AI-resistant assignments, and one-one-one or departmental consulations. Please email with any questions you may have and for more information!

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Food for Thought Series

When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the academic year 12-1 PM
Where: Faculty/Staff Lounge, Wyllie L247 (inside the library)

These casual discussions over the lunch hour provide opportunities to learn about emerging ideas and challenges in higher education, spotlight experienced instructors sharing innovative teaching practices, and provide an environment for friendly discussions in a low-stakes environment. In other words, no homework is required!

Food for Thought gatherings will generally open with a 10-minute introduction to a current challenge, trending topic, or idea worth sharing related to higher education, with the rest of the hour dedicated to open conversation about how we might approach the issue at Parkside or in our own spaces. Presenters may share additional resources for further study but these are entirely optional and there is no preparation required to attend.

What to bring:

  • Your lunch
  • Microwave and toaster oven available for use in the lounge
  • Book & Brew and Wyllie Market are nearby options for food purchases
  • An open and curious mind
  • Your hunger for new ideas and community!

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Developing & Communicating AI Policies in Higher Education

When: May 9 | 1 PM
Where: Online

Join us for a free webinar on May 9, 2024, at 1 PM CST, where a panel of distinguished leaders in higher education will delve into the critical topic of Developing and Communicating AI Policies.

In this session, you'll gain insights on:

  • Crafting Effective AI Policies: Learn from experienced educators and administrators who are shaping the future of AI in academia.
  • Navigating the Complexities: Understand both the positive and potential negative impacts of AI on your institution.
  • Building a Strong Foundation: Discover crucial elements for creating adaptable and inclusive AI policies.
  • Faculty and Student Success: Explore strategies for empowering faculty and students to thrive in an AI-integrated learning environment.
  • Syllabus Integration: Learn how to incorporate AI considerations into syllabi for clear communication and guidance.

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MELT: Ratcheting-Up Student Thinking in the Era of AI

When: June 27 & 28 | 9 AM-3 PM
Where: UW-Stout & Online

Join Dr. Willison as he MELTs your mind!

Join instructors from the Universities of Wisconsin in a two-day workshop designed to examine characteristics of student thinking in today’s AI Era. Explore ways to facilitate students’ sophisticated thinking and prompt their learning autonomy using the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT) framework. The two days lay the foundation for creating a viable action plan for your courses that rachets-up student thinking in the AI era!

  • This event will be hosted online as well as in-person.
  • Lunch will be provided for in-person attendees.
  • The registration deadline for in-person attendees is June 24th.
  • Please reach out to Sylvia Tiala with questions at

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AI & Academic Integrity 

AI has significantly impacted academic integrity by introducing new challenges and opportunities. On one hand, it has empowered educators to detect instances of plagiarism and uphold academic honesty through sophisticated plagiarism detection tools. On the other hand, the rise of AI-generated content poses a potential threat to academic integrity, as it becomes more challenging to discern between original work and machine-generated text.

Thus, it is imperative for educational institutions to implement robust policies and tools that adapt to the evolving landscape of AI, ensuring that academic integrity remains a cornerstone of learning and research in the digital age. Additionally, fostering a culture of critical thinking and ethical use of AI technologies is crucial in preparing students to navigate the complexities of academic integrity in an AI-driven world.

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