MAPC Faculty

Communication Department faculty welcome students into the Master of Arts in Professional Communication with short video introductions. In addition to meeting faculty, you'll also learn details about their research and specializations. This information is helpful in determining a good fit when it comes time for you to selecti a project/thesis chair.

Jackie Arcy

Dr. Jackie Arcy

Instructor Profile  |  arcy@uwp.edu

Theresa Castor

Dr. Theresa Castor

Instructor Profile  |  castor@uwp.edu

Hilary Rasmussen

Dr. Hilary Rasmussen

Instructor Profile  |  rasmussh@uwp.edu

Jonathan Shailor

Dr. Jonathan Shailor

Instructor Profile  |  shailor@uwp.edu

Adrienne Viramontes

Dr. Adrienne Viramontes

Instructor Profile  |  viramont@uwp.edu


Jackie Arcy  |  arcy@uwp.edu

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