English Composition Attendance Policy

English Composition Department-wide policy: ENGL 100 and ENGL 101 require active student involvement; therefore, it is expected that students will attend every class session on time and will stay until the end of each session.  Attendance will be recorded at each class session.* Because unexpected conflicts do arise, students will be allowed to miss up to 1 week of class sessions during a full-semester course without penalty.  Students who accrue more than 3 weeks** of missed classes cannot earn a grade higher than D+ and will have to retake and successfully complete the composition in which they are enrolled in order to satisfy the University's writing skills requirement.


*Instructors may count an accumulation of tardies/late arrivals/early departures as absences at their discretion.

**3 Weeks = 6 classes for courses meeting 2 days a week or 9 classes for courses meeting 3 days a week.

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