Adaptations to Global Climate Change

As you face an increasingly transformed world, many face anxiety. They hear the science and are discouraged. This phenomenon of ‘climate anxiety’ is well-documented and growing. You will focus on culture and social institutions in adaptation to global climate change. This certificate provides an opportunity for you to examine the possibilities of their future in the Anthropocene, particularly examining the social and cultural side of managing life under climate change. It will give you a chance to both think about the future in creative and analytical ways, while also providing them certification to future employers that they are preparing for our future.

Required Courses (6 Credits)

Cultural and Environmental Sustainability | GEOG 108 | 3 credits

Fundamentals of Climate Change | ENVS 109 | 3 credits

Select three elective courses from the selection below (9 credits)

Environmental Anthropology |  ANTH 382 | 3 credits

Environmental Justice |  ENVS 336 | 3 credits

Natural Disasters and Society |  GEOG 306 | 3 credits

Introduction to Global Warming Policy & Governance |  POLS 312 | 3 credits

Climate Change and Sustainability* |  SMGT 305 | 3 credits

Climate Change |  GEOG 323 | 3 credits

Other relevant experience in internship, independent study, or special topics courses can also be used to satisfy elective credits.

*SMGT courses require an extra fee. 


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