The Leadership and Public Service program's purpose is to develop advanced skills which may span multiple subject areas not commonly available in other master's programs. “They (MPS) combine the academic mastery of a subject typically associated with graduate degrees with the practical knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a certain industry.” (The Washington Post)


MAPS (MPS) MBA MPA MA  |  MS (traditional)
Focus on industry skills & career development, specialized skills Finance and management Government or nonprofits Theory and research
Emphasis on decision making, critical thinking, ethics, communication in the public and private sector Emphasis on cost efficiency Emphasize on social impact

Emphasis on content specialization

NO GRE or GMAT  Most require GRE/GMAT Most require GRE/GMAT Most require GRE
Culminates in a Practicum using current employment situation Capstone project Capstone project Thesis paper
Designed for all working professionals Designed for business and finance Designed for government Designed to prepare for PhD



Develop advanced in-demand skills to meet immediate workplace needs. An Applied Professional Studies degree focuses on industry specific skills that employers are looking for today while combining real-world application. We designed the MAPS program for the working professionals - offering a flexible format, online courses, and affordable opportunity to achieve your professional and personal goals that align with potential for career advancement and upskilling needs.

Begin exploring your path in the UW-Parkside Leadership and Public Service degree program. Schedule a phone conference or virtual meeting by emailing or calling Denise.



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