Below are some of the accommodations that may be approved for students based on documentation. 


  • Permission to record lectures. 
  • Audio- Notetaker for classes.
  • PowerPoint slides available to student before lectures (if used).
  • ASL interpreter
  • Use of Hearing Assistance System in class and other settings.
  • Request for instructors to repeat questions from others throughout the classroom into the microphone.
  • Permission to arrive late/leave early to class.
  • Access to table and stool.
  • Access to table and chair.
  • Preferential Seating: Access to seating near front/rear of room.
  • Access to food and/or drink in class.
  • Permission for intermittent breaks during class.
  • Permission to use personal electronic devices during class (not during testing times, unless permitted for all students).
  • Flexibility in attendance for courses which do not have a significant amount of the grade based off class participation, discussion, or in-class projects. Student will contact faculty as quickly as feasible when classes are missed. *Accommodation should not fundamentally alter course learning objectives.
  • Extra time for assignments/project. Student will contact faculty as quickly as feasible for time extensions. *Accommodation should not fundamentally alter course learning objectives.
  • Enlarged font (18-24 pt.) for all print materials and handouts 


book green paged
  • Alternative electronic books: Kurzweil 3000
  • Use of Livescribe Smart Pen. 
  • Use of computer or other tablet in class during instructional time only.
  • Captioning for movies and videos: Kaltura 
  • CART (real-time captioning) services
  • Priority registration.


  • Extended time (1.5x and 2x) on quizzes and exams in a distraction reduced environment. 
  • Screen reader for quizzes and exams: Kurzweil 3000.
  • Use of a scribe for exams and quizzes. 
  • Dictation service for quizzes and exams: Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • No scantron exams. 
  • Use of Word Processing for written quizzes exams (extra time (1.5x), if writing intensive).
  • Use magnifier as a visual aid for quizzes and exams.
  • Permission to modify time administration of exams to allow for breaks in between sections of an exam if complete exam is administered within the same business day.
  •  Enlarged font (18-24 pt.) for all print quizzes and exams. 
  • Oral exams and instructions should be given in writing.
  • Waive spelling requirements on exams. *Accommodation should not fundamentally alter course learning objectives.

Student Accessibility Services

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Phone 32x32 262-595-2372
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* Please note that email, phone and fax lines are not monitored on the weekends.*

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