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Forms are available on our website for the following categories:

Learning, ADD/ADHD, Psychiatric/ Visual/Deaf/, Chronic/Medical disabilities, Emotional Support Animals (ESA) in Residence Halls, and Housing accommodation requests.

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You are responsible. Please review the Documentation Guidelines. If you have questions about where to obtain the necessary documentation, please contact the Accessibility Services Specialist or the Director.

Documentation Guidelines

Disclosing your disability during the admission process is voluntary and a separate process from requesting accommodations. Documentation is not usually forwarded to Student Accessibility Services when a student applies for admission.

Student Accessibility Services provides academic accommodations. Students are responsible for securing transportation to and from campus for classes and other activities.

Students must notify instructors of intention to use accommodation and then contact schedule exams  2 days in advance using the Testing Room Booking process.

If an instructor refuses you an accommodation, please contact the Director of Accessibility Services, Dr. Renee’ Sartin Kirby, , or 262-595-2620.

Once this accommodation is approved, schedule your exams/quizzes through your Accommodate portal, at least two business days in advance. Failure to do so will cause you to have to work with your instructor in rescheduling the exam/quiz which may or not be available.

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Services for students who have a temporary disability are available. The application process is the same. If, for example you injured your dominant hand you would need to provide documentation of the injury and projected dates of recovery.

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The letter is actually an email that a student will receive at their Ranger Email account with approved accommodations. Students should forward this email to their instructors at the beginning of every semester.

No. You must self-identify as an individual with a disability to receive services from our office. Each semester you must follow the process discussed during your meeting with the accessibility services specialist/accommodations coordinator.

No. It is your decision to inform each professor about your accommodation(s) and which one you will use in class, noted in your Letter of Accommodations. 

No. Your information is confidential and protected by FERPA.

First you must register with Accessibility Services. Upon approval for accommodations, submit your class schedule each semester to the accessibility services specialist.

Public Request Form

For any accommodations related to housing, please refer to the Student Accessibility Services website to make your request. There is a form at the documentation section which will need to by completed by a healthcare provider or therapist and returned directly to our office.

Student Accessibility Services

It is your choice, but you are not required to since our office are separate, and they often do not forward documentation.

Yes. Accessibility is essential and should be in the forefront of course planning. If you are concerned about accommodations for a class, please contact your disability specialist.

All students seeking information about scholarships should contact the campus Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

You will have an academic advisor and a liaison in accessibility services. Accessibility Services does not provide academic advising, so it is important you establish a relationship with your academic advisor.

  1. Contact Dean of Students office, or an Academic Advisor
  2. “IMPACT 211” - 24 hour toll-free 1.866.211.3380

IMPACT 211 is a central access point for people in need of family, health and social services. During times of personal crisis or community disaster, the free, confidential helpline and online resource directory make it easy for residents to get connected to information and assistance.

Student Accessibility Services

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* Please note that email, phone and fax lines are not monitored on the weekends.*

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