Eligibility and Conduct
  1. After playing in one contest with a team, a player may not transfer to another team in that sport in the same league.
  2. Current UW-Parkside varsity student-athletes are ineligible for intramural activities in their respective varsity sport.
  3. Any varsity student-athlete is eligible participate in intramural activities with the written consent of their Head Coach. If a varsity student-athlete's eligibility has expired or they no longer play for UW-Parkside in a varsity sport they are eligible to play in intramural activities. Any questions, please contact Intramural Director.
  4. Any team using ineligible players will forfeit the contest or contests in which that player participated.
  5. Any player who is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct may be declared ineligible to compete by the Intramural Director.
  6. If an intramural participant has an issue regarding student worker's/official's conduct, rules enforcement, attitude, and/or game operation they may fill out a Protest Form and submit it to the Intramural Office.
  7. Any student who is on intramural probation for disciplinary reasons may not participate in intramural during the time of their probation. Intramural probation is a sanction imposed by the Intramural Director on intramural participants for behavior and/or infractions such as (but not limited to):
    1. Successive abusive conduct (verbal, physical) to an intramural official.
    2. Being ejected from an intramural contest.
    3. Successive flagrant or unsportsmanlike fouls during a contest.
    4. Striking an intramural official.
  8. No food, gum or drinks (except water) will be allowed in DeSimone Gymnasium or Petretti Fieldhouse. The first offense will result in the person being asked to throw away the item immediately. The second offense will result in the person being ask to throw away the item and leave the SAC immediately. The third offense will result in a two-week probation from the SAC

Team Regulations
  1. A previous intercollegiate varsity student-athlete may participate in the intramural sport the previous competed and a team may have more than one previous varsity student-athlete on its roster if they have used up their intercollegiate eligibility or no longer play in their respective sport. Each team can have a maximum of two previous intercollegiate varsity student-athletes.
  2. UW-Parkside faculty and staff can compete and register an intramural team.
  3. UW-Parkside alumni can compete and register an intramural team if they have a Sports and Activity Center membership.
  4. Team rosters must be completed PRIOR TO FIRST CONTEST.
  5. All organizational meetings will be held in Petretti Fieldhouse, in the SAC.
  6. You may only play for one team in the same league
  7. You may play on a Coed and a Men's or Women's team.
  8. Any team NOT represented at the Organizational Meeting will not be admitted.

  1. Intramural participants may not protest the calls made by the Intramural Officials.
  2. A protest will be entertained only when it involves interpretation of a rule or rules of the use of an ineligible player.
  3. All protests must be presented in writing within 24 hours of the contest to the Intramural Director.

Accident and Injuries
  1. Minor injuries may be cared for by the Intramural Department (i.e. bandages and ice packs).
  2. In the case of serious or major injuries 2911 will be called.
  3. Players whose injuries seem serious should not be moved until a representative of the Intramural Department or Emergency Medical Technician authorizes action.
  4. The UW-Parkside assumes no responsibilities for injuries resulting from participation in activities sponsored by the Intramural Department of UW-Parkside.


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