1. A team will play with 10 players on the field and can have up to 15 players on the roster.
  2. Games can begin with 8 players.
  3. Full roster will be turned in during the managers meeting.
  4. Full roster must be turned into umpire prior to the contest.
  5. COED- Coed teams must have the same number of men and women. Example, 5 men and 5 women or 4 men and 4 women.
  6. COED- Players will alternate male and female positions in the field. If a team has only eight players, two women must play in the infield.


  1. A game will consist of 7 innings or 50 minutes whichever occurs first. No inning will start after 50 minutes. Innings already started after the 50 minute time limit will be allowed to finish.
  2. All kicks must occur at or behind home plate; a ball kicked in front of home plate will be a foul.
  3. NO Bunting.
  4. The strike zone extends 1ft on either side of home plate and NO higher than 1 ft.
  5. 3 balls constitute a walk.
  6. COED- If a male batter is walked the next female batter has the option to walk too.
  7. 2 swinging strikes (foul ball or a swing and miss) or 2 called strike is an out.
  8. A base runner may not leave the base before the batter contacts the ball. No stealing, lead-offs or courtesy steps.
  9. 15 run rules after 3 innings.
  10. 10 run rule after 4 innings.
  11. If a there are not enough teams from each skill level to make a full league; when a team from an advanced league is playing a team from a beginner league a 5 runs per inning rule is in affect.
  12. Bases are 60 ft. apart and pitchers will pitch from the rubber on the field.
  13. A base runner must avoid contact with a fielder. If the base runner initiates the contact he/she will be called out.
  14. A team's batting order shall alternate male and female.
  15. A base runner hit by a batted ball before touched by a fielder is out.
  16. Infield fly rule is in effect. The umpire will call the ball.
  17. The base runner should cross the orange base at first base.
  18. Players may slide at their own risk. Feet first only.
  19. Base runners coming from third base must cross the "X" behind home plate instead of touching home plate to score. To record an out at home plate the defense must have possession of the ball and touch home plate before the runner touches the "X". Tagging the runner is not necessary.
  20. A kicked ball that bounces over the fence is a double. All players on base will advance two bases.
  21. No metal cleats or spikes.
  22. No arguing with umpires. Any arguing will result in an ejection and a two week suspension from intramurals.
  23. Players are allowed to play on 1 men's or women's team and on 1 coed team.
  24. RAINOUTS- Contact the Intramurals Director (595-2656) for rescheduling.
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