1. A team will play with 6 players on the field and can have up to 10 players on the roster.
  2. Games can begin with 5 players.
  3. Full roster will be turned in during the managers meeting.
  4. Full roster must be turned into officials prior to the contest.
  5. COED- Coed teams must have the same number of men and women. Example, 3 men and 3 women.
  6. COED- There must be two women on the floor for each team to start a game.


  1. Game begins by placing the dodge balls (6) along the centerline. Players then take a position along the back line. Following the signal of the official (whistle) to start the game, teams may approach the center line to retrieve the balls. Players will be ruled out if they step over the center line.
  2. Best of 3 games
  3. 8 minute time limit on each game
  4. If neither team has been eliminated at the end of 8 minutes, the team with the greater number of players will be declared the winner. In case of equal number of players remaining after regulation, 3- minute "sudden death overtime will be played.
  5. Teams will not be allowed to cross the coned line during the game. You are out if you do.
  6. If hit by a ball thrown by an opponent you are out and must leave the court immediately.
  7. If you catch a ball thrown by an opponent, the opponent must exit the court, the thrower is out
  8. If you catch a ball thrown by the opponent, you can bring back into the game one of your players sitting on the sidelines. You must bring back in your players in the order that they left the game.
  9. You may deflect a ball thrown at you using the ball you are holding. If you drop the ball that is being used for deflection , you are out
  10. Any ball after it hits any surface including body part, another ball, floor etc., is a dead ball.
  11. The only exception is if a ball is deflected upward, person hit must catch the ball in order to get the thrower out. Only the person deflecting the ball can catch it. The ball will be considered dead if a player catches a ball deflected by another player.
  12. Officials will have the final say on all plays, "outs" and time.
  13. No arguing with umpires. Any arguing will result in an ejection and a two week suspension from intramurals
  14. A team may not hold a ball for longer than 30 seconds.
  15. No kicking the ball.
  16. A person may be tagged out with the ball by an opponent. (Ball does not have to be thrown)
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