1. A team will play with 4 players on the floor and can have up to 8 players on the roster.
  2. Games can begin with 3 players.
  3. Full roster will be turned in during the managers meeting.
  4. Full roster must be turned into officials prior to the contest.
  5. CO-ED- Coed teams must have the same number of men and women. Example, 2 men and 2 women.
  6. CO-ED- Each team must have at least 2 women on the floor at all times. A Co-Ed can play with only one woman on the floor if they only have three players on the floor.
  7. No individual that has been a member of an intercollegiate soccer team during the 2011- 2012 academic year will be eligible to participate.
  8. A maximum of two former intercollegiate soccer players per team.
  9. A player that has played soccer professionally will not be eligible to participate.
  10. Any student that practices with the intercollegiate team (i.e. redshirt) is considered to be an intercollegiate team member for that year.


  1. Play will consist of two 18 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime.
  2. Two time-outs will be awarded per team per game. A time-out will be one minute in duration and may only be called during a dead ball.
  3. The clock will only stop for time-outs, injuries, or at the discretion of the officials.
  4. If the game is tied at the end of regulation a five minute sudden death overtime will be played. The first team to score will be the winner. If neither team scores teams will alternate penalty shots from half court until there is a winner.
  5. There will be no slide tackles, or sliding at any time in the league.
  6. There is no offside in indoor soccer
  7. No player may enter the goal box to play a ball or gain an advantage on a ball outside of the goal box. If a player passes through the goal box and does not affect normal play, then no foul will be called. Infractions by defensive players will result in a penalty kick. Infractions by the offense will result in a goal kick.
  8. If a goal results from the deflection of the ball off a defensive player who is in the goal box, it will be judged a goal.
  9. Verbal abuse of officials will not be tolerated. Any team member using foul language will receive a warning and the next violation will result in the loss of a point for that team.
  10. No arguing with the officials. The officials will be in control of the game. Arguing with an official will not be tolerated and will lead to a TEAM disqualification from the game. If a team feels they have a legitimate complaint regarding a rule interpretation, not a judgment call, they can file a protest with the Intramural office no later than 24 hours after the contest has ended. The protest must be presented in writing.


  1. All fouls will result in direct free kick unless there is an extreme advantage, (See Penalty Kicks). If the foul occurs in the neutral zone, the free kick will be taken from the point of the foul. A foul occurring in either offensive zone will result in a free kick from the nearest neutral zone line. All defensive players must be outside a five-yard radius from the ball during a free kick.

Penalty Kicks

  1. Penalty kicks are skill shots from the center court. A penalty kick will only be given if, in the opinion of the officials, the defensive player has gained an advantage by entering or playing a ball in the goal box. Penalty kicks result from a goal box infraction by the defense. Missed shots will result in a goal kick


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