General Information.

  1. Players may use their own sticks or check out sticks with ID card.
  2. Goalies are required to wear helmet with facemask. Goalie can use baseball mitt, a hockey glove, blockers, chest protector and small shin guards.
  3. Gloves and shin guards are strongly suggested for other players.


  1. 5 players on floor plus goalie.
  2. Game begins with face off at centerline and resume there after each goal.
  3. Face off is called when ball is out of play, thrown or caught by any player other than goalie. Official will drop ball during face off.
  4. Ball may be stopped by hand, but not held, passed or advanced by hand.
  5. Two 20-minute running time halves will be played with one time out allowed per half.
  6. Ties will stand
  7. Goal is scored when player hits, sweeps or pushes the ball into the net directly off stick or it is deflected off one of their teammates or defensive player into net.
  8. A player may advance ball with their feet, but MAY NOT kick it directly into net to score. If a player kicks ball, ball defects off defensive player into net - goal counts.
  9. A ball CANNOT be thrown into the goal to score.
  10. When a goalie catches or stops the ball, they must be given room to release it to one of their players by hand or stick. If a goalie falls onto a ball and is unable to release it, face is called to the front of the goal.

Penalties with 1-minute first offense and two minutes for repeat violations

  • HIGH STICKING: anytime the stick is raised above normal shoulder height.
  • SLASHING: intentional or unintentional hitting with stick.
  • INTERFERENCE AND CHARGING: anytime opposing player pushes a player out of position.
  • ELBOWING: using one's elbow to hit an opponent
  • CROSS CHECKING: use of stick to push opponent out of the way
  • TRIPPING AND HOOKING: use of stick to trip or hold back an opponent from playing the ball

Penalties for un-sportsman conduct

  • Immediate removal from game and/or game suspensions for player and five minute penalty.
  • Repeated violation of above, unnecessary roughness, unwillingness to play within the spirit of intramurals or deliberate intention to hurt someone.
  • Fighting: automatic permanent suspension of player.


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