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CIS Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Center for International Studies is made up of faculty and staff from all four Colleges at UW-Parkside. The Steering Committee is responsible for setting all policies for the Center. The Director of CIS also chairs the Steering Committee. Committee members have three year renewable terms. The Committee is currently composed of the following members:

Name Phone Building/Room Department
AKINDES, Simon2229 GRNQ L217  Political Science 
BANERJEE, Madhumita 2321 WYLL D175 Advising
BROWNSON, Elizabeth 2070 MOLN 129 History
DA’NA, Seif 2237 GRNQ L315 Sociology/Anthropology
GILLOGLY, Kate (Chair) 2147 GRNQ L325 Sociology/Anthropology
GONZALEZ, Gail 2396 CART 278 Modern Languages
HAWK, Stephen 2024 MOLN 341 Business
KHAN, Farida  2662 MOLN 272 Economics
LI, Zhaohui (George) 2487 GRNQ L339 Geosciences
PHILIPPA, Laine 3215 GRNQ L209 International Student Services/Study Abroad 
WANG, Xun (George) 2520 GRNQ L316 Sociology/Anthropology
WANG, Zhemin (Jamie) 2436 MOLN 336 Business
WARD, John 3327 MOLN 256 Geography

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