RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

Services Provided

Investigation of crimes: UW-Parkside police officers have the authority and responsibility to investigate all crimes which occur on campus. UW-Parkside police officers enforce all Wisconsin traffic laws and issue citations which are adjudicated in the Kenosha County Court. The UW-Parkside Police Department works collaboratively with the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, the Kenosha City Police Department, the Racine County Sheriff's Department, the Racine City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Accident investigation: UW-Parkside police officers have the authority to investigate traffic accidents which occur on campus and local highways.

Crime prevention programs: UW-Parkside police provide various crime prevention programs throughout the school year.

Alcohol/drug awareness programs: UW-Parkside police officers conduct alcohol/drug awareness programs with members of Residence Life.

Security checks for university buildings: UW-Parkside police officers conduct security checks on all university buildings and property.

Motorist assists: UW-Parkside police officers will provide jump starts, vehicle lockouts, air for flat/low tires and 1 gallon of gas.

Key assists: UW-Parkside police officers will provide access to locked classrooms and buildings to faculty, staff, and students with proper identification and authorization.

Money deliveries: UW-Parkside police officers complete money deliveries both on campus and to off campus depositories.

Response to fires and medical emergencies: All UW-Parkside police officers are trained first responders and will respond to all fires and medical emergencies on campus.

Escorts: UW-Parkside police officers will provide escorts to individuals on campus.

Conduct fire drills: UW-Parkside police officers assist the UW-Parkside Safety Coordinator in conducting fire drills on campus.

Maintain lost and found items: UW-Parkside police maintain a lost and found program for items reported lost by the owner and items turned into the police department.

Fingerprinting: UW-Parkside police officers will fingerprint citizens for a $10.00 charge.

Operation ID: UW-Parkside police will provide an engraver free of charge to engrave personal items. The engraver may be obtained by stopping by the Police Department at Tallent Hall 188.

Delivery of emergency messages:
UW-Parkside police officers will make every attempt to locate people on campus to deliver emergency messages.

Security for dances and special events: UW-Parkside police officers provide security for dances and special events on a charge back basis.

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