What is a CIT program?

CIT programs include law enforcement, mental health providers, local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) chapters, and other community members and organizations who continuously work together to contribute to a cohesive partnership to better respond to a mental health crisis.

What is a CIT police officer?

Police officers who volunteer for this extensive 40 hour training program are specially trained to respond to a mental health crisis or situation. This training is designed to specifically educate law enforcement on mental illnesses, behaviors, medications, and how mental illness effects those around people who live with this disease. This allows the officers to respond, recognize, and react accordingly for the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.

How does CIT work on campus?

On campus, CIT officers work with Residence Life, Disability Services, Dean of Students, and the Student Health and Counseling Center to de-escalate mental health crises safely and effectively and assist whenever necessary to resolve the issue at hand as well as provide assistance with follow up and future crisis plans for each individual situation. All of UW-Parkside Patrol officers are CIT trained.

CIT officers actively work to bring awareness to and reduce the stigma of mental illness. Some of our CIT officers provide training throughout the school year to student organizations, classrooms, general drop-in sessions, or upon request for a specific group. A UW Parkside CIT officer and a Kenosha City CIT officer serve on the Kenosha NAMI Board of Directors to assure a working relationship between the law enforcement and community response to mental health situations.

Active Minds is a student organization on campus that works to bring awareness of mental illness to the campus community through guest speakers, campus wide activities and support while working to dispel the stigma of mental illness. This organization is open to any student who is interested.

What do I do if I need a CIT officer?

For immediate assistance with a mental health crisis on campus, call the UW Parkside police department (open and staffed 24 hours daily) and let the dispatcher know your request involves a mental health situation. 

If you need immediate assistance off campus, dial 911 and inform the dispatcher your request involves a mental health situation. They will do their best to have a CIT officer respond to your location.

If you are on campus and are experiencing a mental health crisis or are involved with a mental health crisis and need help, on campus and off campus resources and resource links available are listed below. Officers and other resources will be happy to speak with you, answer any questions, and help to connect you with the proper information that applies to the situation at hand.

On Campus

UW Parkside Police Department

Non-Emergency - 262-595-2455  |  Emergency - 262-595-2911


Student Health and Counseling Center

262-595-2366  |  https://www.uwp.edu/live/services/studenthealth/

Off Campus

Look under support tab for local and regional resources  



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