Providing adequate parking facilities and the proper supervision of campus traffic is a major activity on university campuses throughout the United States. This is especially true at institutions like Parkside, where a large part of the student body commutes daily.

To protect students and visitors to Parkside from automobile accidents, as well as to provide security for motor vehicles parked on the campus, the rules listed on this website and in the Parking Information brochure (given out when purchasing the permit) must be observed. Failure to comply may lead to the issuance of a University parking ticket and/or the towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.

UW-Parkside reserves the right to tow or impound any vehicle that is illegally parked or parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard, impedes vehicle or pedestrian movements, or impairs the operation of emergency equipment and/or the making of repairs. Owners will be required to pay all costs involved in removing and impounding vehicles.

A parking permit is just that: permission to park in either a commuter lot or a housing lot. It is not a guarantee that you will always be able to find a space in your favorite lot. Overflow parking is available for commuters in the Tallent lot. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a parking spot in any of the lots where your permit is valid, contact University Police at (262) 595-2455.

Do not ask friends, roommates, RAs, etc., where to park. If you have a question about the parking regulations or where to park, contact University Police for information.

Parking complaints not related to citations may be sent to

UW-Parkside Parking Brochure

General Parking Information

  • All vehicles must display a valid UW-Parkside parking permit. Permits must be hung from the rear view mirror of your vehicle. You may transfer your permit between vehicles if you are driving a different car to campus that day. Not displaying a permit may be grounds for a "no permit" ticket, even if you have purchased a permit.
  • If you forget your permit, obtain a temporary courtesy pass from University Police in Tallent Hall, or purchase a $6/day permit at one of the permit kiosks in Lots A, B, or C. Do not park your vehicle without a permit displayed or it will be cited.
  • Commuter permits are valid in only the Student Center (Lot A), The Rita (Lot B/C), SAC, and Tallent lots, and are required from 6 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • Residence life permits are valid only in Ranger Hall, University Apartments, and SAC lots (SAC until 2 AM only). Residence life permits are required twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Commuter lots (Student Center, The Rita, SAC and Tallent) are closed from 2 AM until 6 AM. Special permission must be obtained from University Police to park during closed hours. Call (262) 595-2455 for more information.

Specialty Parking Information

Visitors to the campus may:

  • Stop at the University Police Department, Tallent Hall 188 (the east side of Wood Road, north of Orchard Courts apartments) and purchase a one-day, one-week, or one-month permit. Visitor passes are $6/day.

  • Purchase a temporary permit from the permit kiosks in Lots A, B, & C. There are no more coin meters. Visitors have the option of purchasing a $1.25/hour permit and parking at a specifically Visitor-signed stall. If there is an issue with the kiosk, inform University Police at (262) 595-2455, remain at a Visitor-signed stall, and give the dispatcher your vehicle license plate information.

  • Obtain an overnight permit for a housing lot (Ranger, University Apartments, and Pike River Suites) from the kiosks by Ranger Hall and the University Apartments Core building. Overnight permits are $6/24 hours and up to three nights can be purchased at a time. Overnight permits are not valid in Lot A (east of the Pike River Suites).

  • Contact University Police in the event of special parking needs at (262) 595-2455.

  • Frequent Disc Golf players may purchase a seasonal parking pass. For more information, contact University Police.


  • Designated stalls for handicap/disabled parking are available in all campus lots.
  • Handicap/Disabled persons may also park in metered areas on campus without feeding the meters.
  • A current Parkside permit and a disabled license plate/placard must be displayed.
  • If a situation arises where you would need to find closer parking for a medical condition reason (such as a broken bone), contact your physician to obtain information on a temporary handicap permit.

Groups who reserve rooms on campus for events should make parking arrangements through Student Center reservations when the room is being reserved.

EV Charging is Coming to UW-Parkside!

Please read below to find out more information about this exciting addition to our campus:

Why is UW-Parkside installing electric vehicle charging stations?

UW-Parkside is committed to being a leader in the community by showcasing emerging technologies. The number of electric vehicles present on campus has increased each year for both commuter and residential students. There are currently no on-campus options for residential students to charge their vehicles. For off-campus students and staff who rent, charging access can present a barrier to entry if the property manager does not install on-property charging options. Providing this convenient amenity will help meet the needs of students, staff, and guests to our campus and improve their experience. Station usage data can also be worked into curriculum, providing students with real-world understanding of how these technologies work.

Where will the stations be located?

The four charging ports will be located in the northeast corner of Parking Lot B (RITA Parking Lot). This location was selected because there was available electricity in the nearby building, it is one of the main parking lots, and it can be easily accessed by students living in the residence halls. Ample power will be run from the building to allow for expansion to increase the number of ports if needed in the future.

How will the stations work?

We chose the vendor Enel X Way to provide the equipment. The charging software is compatible with the Chargepoint network, a popular charging company in the region. We will have four charging ports, each providing 9.6 kw of electricity. This equates to approximately 37 miles of range per hour.

How is this project funded?

The charging stations were funded in fiscal year 2023 through a combination of sources, including a partnership with We Energies to offset infrastructure costs, a grant from RENEW Wisconsin, and revenue generated from the We Energies solar farm on campus.

What about fast-chargers?

Level 3 charging stations, commonly known as “fast chargers”, have the ability to charge a car in approximately half an hour. At UW-Parkside, it is rare that visitors to campus need to completely charge a vehicle and be back on the road in half an hour. The majority of use will be commuting staff and students, so the level 2 charging rate of around 37 miles of range per hour was determined to be sufficient for most uses.

Will there be user fees?

During parking enforcement hours, an annual parking pass or pay-and display pass will be required in the EV charging spots, similar to all other lots on campus.

There will be a user fee to charge. This will likely equate to around $1-2/hr. The rate will be determined following a trial period.

Will there be a limit on how long I can park in the spots?

Electric Vehicles can only be parked in the spots while actively charging. If congestion becomes an issue, a time limit may be imposed.

When will the stations be up and operating?

The stations are planned to be operational in fall of 2023. Stay tuned - we will host an opening event to allow staff and students to check out the new installation and practice using the chargers!

Additional Information


Parking citations are written when a vehicle is found to be parked in violation of posted University rules and regulations. Common reasons for a citation include: a parking permit not properly displayed in the vehicle (having a permit on record with University Police does not excuse someone from having to display it), parking over the lines or on stripes, being a student parked at meters (in violation of clearly posted signs that state students, faculty and staff may not use metered parking), or being parked overnight in a lot that is closed.

To avoid being cited, make sure that you:

  • have displayed your parking permit properly
  • are parked correctly between the lines of a parking stall
  • are not parked in a traffic aisle - this is a hazard and could cause an accident
  • are parked in the correct area and with the correct permit, if parking overnight
  • move your vehicle as directed during snow plowing times, if you are a resident
  • are not using someone else's handicap placard - it is illegal to use someone else's; only ever use your own
  • are not parked in a lot that your permit does not allow
  • are not displaying an expired permit

In the event that you believe a parking citation was issued to you in error, or you wish to dispute the citation, a parking appeal must be filed at the University Police office within 14 days of the citation issuance. You may pick up the appeal form at the University Police office and take it with you to complete, but it must be turned in within 14 days of the citation issuance. There is no fee to file the appeal. If your appeal is granted, the citation will be voided. If it is not granted, the citation must be paid within 14 days of the notification.

Citation appeals are reviewed by the Chief of Police, who then decides to void the citation or to pass the appeal to the Parking Appeals Committee. The Committee is made up of faculty, staff and students. They review parking appeals once a semester (in May and in December), so be aware that it could take up to six months for you to receive a decision. The citation in question is frozen until a decision is made and will not double. Decisions of the Committee are final and may not be appealed again.

If your appeal was reviewed by the Committee and denied, you will then have fourteen days to pay the citation at the original fine. If not paid within 14 days, the citation will double. Failure to pay the citation within 30 days may result in a student hold being placed on your records and/or a suspension of vehicle registration through the WI Department of Transportation. 

Parking Appeal Form


Connect with UW-Parkside Police

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