The Student Center will be closed for June & July.

Who should I contact?

We realize that the college process can be a bit confusing. We want to help you navigate the process. Check out the list below to see who might be able to help you. 

Jenna Balek


  • Application and Benefits process
  • Applicant Status
  • Transfer Credits and Prior Learning

Jenna Balek
Veterans Admissions Counselor

Brittany Castaneda


  • Questions about my bill or my current balance
  • How to pay my bill?
  • Payment plans?

Brittany Castaneda
Financial specialist 

Blake Taylor

Financial Aid

  • How to apply for financial aid
  • Questions about financial aid package
  • Special Circumstances requests (disability, income changes)

Blake Taylor
Financial Aid Counselor

Steve Wallner

Student Life

  • Non-academic transition issues
  • Medical withdrawals
  • Classroom issues


Steve Wallner
Dean of Students

Certifying Officer and Faculty Liaison

  • Benefit Certification Process (post admissions)
  • Impact of Registration and Enrollment Changes

Brad Behling

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