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2019-2021 Academic Plans

Academic Plans
Accounting Plan
Applied Health Sciences With a Chiropractic Concentration-plan
Applied Health Sciences with Pre-Athletic Training Concentration-Plan
Applied Health Sciences with Pre-Chiropractic Concentration-Plan
Applied Health Sciences with Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration-Plan
Applied Health Sciences with Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration-Plan
Applied Health Sciences with Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration-Plan
Art Plan
Art with 2D 3D Concentration Plan
Business Management with Finance Concentration-Plan
Business Management with Human Resources Concentration-Plan
Business Management-Plan
Computer Science Plan
Criminal Justice-Plan
Double Major Elementary Education & Special Education  MC-EA 1-8 Plan
Economics with Monetary and Financial-Plan
Economics with Quantative Concentration-Plan
Elementary Education MC-EA 1-8 Plan
English with Film and Cultural Studies Plan
English with Language Arts Plan
Environmental Studies-Plan
Exercise Science with Fitness Management Concentration-Plan
Exercise Science with Strength and Conditioning Concentration-Plan
Geography with Anthropology Concentration-Plan
Geosciences With Earth Science Concentration-plan
Graphic Design Plan
Management Information Systems-Plan
Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics-Plan
Nursing Plan
Philosophy with Ethics Certificate-Plan
Political Science with Law Concentration-Plan
Political Science-Plan
Secondary Education EA-A 6-12 Plan
Spanish beginning with SPAN 103 Plan
Special Education EA-A 6-12 Plan
Special Education MC-EA 1-8 Plan
Sport Management-Plan
Theatre Arts with Acting Concentration Plan
Theatre Arts with Design and Technology Concentration Plan
Theatre Arts with Direction and Management Concentration Plan
Theatre Arts-Generalist-Plan
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