Why the Humanities?

People who work and study in the College of Arts and Humanities use words and non-verbal forms of expression to engage in conversations about the human condition. How much more important could anything be today, in the rapidly shifting 21st century? This is why studying and experiencing the arts and humanities remains at the heart of any truly comprehensive college education.

You might be wondering, can studying the liberal arts and humanities--core components of a liberal arts educational experience--truly help someone get a job, as well as lead a fulfilling and productive life?

In fact, many 21st-century educational experts as well as employers have made it clear that the knowledge, skills, talents, creativity, imagination, and spirit of innovation one receives from active engagement with the arts and humanities are essential for career and personal success in today's society.

Through its programs, the College of Arts and Humanities aims to provide students and other community members with countless opportunities to explore, understand, and better appreciate the diversity of human experience and expression.

We facilitate and nurture critical thinking, team work, effective oral and written communication, creative problem-solving, life-long learning, and engaged citizenship. We also strive to help individuals develop skills and talents that will enrich their personal lives, their civic lives, and their careers.

To this end, the College of Arts and Humanities strives to achieve the following core values in our diverse array of educational programs and cultural events:

  • Academic excellence
  • Life-long learning skills
  • Enhanced communication and expression
  • Effective critical thinking skills
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Artistic opportunity
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Economic vitality
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Freedom of expression
  • Community engagement
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