Moon Shot for Equity

UW-Parkside has joined the nation’s first regional consortium of colleges and universities to commit to “Moon Shot for Equity,” a new national initiative that aims to close equity gaps in higher education by 2030.

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Carthage college, Milwaukee Area Technical college and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee announced the partnership in fall 2020.

Carthage College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside announced the partnership in a joint statement in fall 2020.

The four institutions will work together and with education firm EAB to help more students of color and other historically underserved populations graduate from college.

Moon Shot Best Practice Teams

Hold Reform Team

The purpose of this group is to review all Hold, analyze impact of holds on student completion by demographic groups and then recommend holds for elimination or reform.

Lead:   DeAnn Possehl
Team members:   Steve Wallner, Jim Heller, Anna Stadick, Shawn Montgomery, Rhonda Kimmel and Jamie Thomas

Holistic Care Team

The purpose of this group is to ensure an infrastructure for providing holistic support to students, this is done by onboarding departments/offices into Navigate and ensuring appropriate use of data points to serve students equitably and create sustainable student engagement and outreach strategies. and training for conducting interventions.

Lead: Marie Smith
Team members: Kim White, Luis Benevoglienti, Sergio Correa, Heather McGee,Chris Zanowski, Grace Dunn, Mike Hagen, Charmaine London,Nicole Ryan 

Retention Grant Team

The purpose of this group is to review all Emergency and Retention funding programs available students to evaluate effectiveness and determine a process of equitable distribution.

Lead: Kristina Klemens
Team members:  Hannah Wallisch, Amanda Markwardt, Alfredo Sandoval, Heather McGee

Transfer Pathways Team

The purpose of this group is to understand how are students transferring between MS institutions and to recreate an equitable system that provides a seamless transfer experience between MS Institutions.

Lead:  Gary Wood
Team members: Sergio Correa, Rita Minger, Bryan Lewis, Ginger Emery, John Standard, Dana Ryan, Jenna Balek

Equity Mindedness Team

This team will coordinate the Moonshot for Equity e training series, lead follow up campus conversations along with administering the USC Equity climate survey. 

Team Lead:  Trina Patterson
Team members:  Natalia Taft, Renee Young-Trego, Crista Kruse, Stephanie Stamper, Caitlin Dobson

Student Success Technology

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