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Earn College Credits in High School

The Parkside Access to College Credit Program (PACC), is a concurrent enrollment program at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. PACC allows eligible high school students to earn college and high school credit by taking designated courses at their high school.  

PACC courses are real college courses that you will earn college credit for and will appear on a UW-Parkside transcript.  PACC courses are the same courses as those available at the UW-Parkside campus. Your high school teacher and a  UW-Parkside faculty member work together to develop these college-level courses within your high school.



What is PACC?

Parkside Access to College Credit
UW-Parkside’s concurrent enrollment program

  • Students take UW-Parkside college courses 
  • Students earn college and high school credit simultaneously 
  • Course taught by qualified HS teachers
  • Course taught during the regular school day
  • Students earn their grade over the semester
  • UW-Parkside transcript

Why take a PACC course?

  • Earn college credit before graduating high school and save on future tuition costs!
  • Experience a college course in familiar environment
  • Earn course grade/credit throughout the term – students do not take a national examination at the end of the course for college credit like AP and IB courses
  • Students successfully completing a PACC course demonstrate academic rigor, looking favorable on university admission applications
  • Courses transfer to most US colleges and universities as real courses
  • Course load is more flexible when entering college with completed credits
  • (Research shows) higher student retention rates in college for students that have taken concurrent enrollment courses


Denise Olstinske | pacc@uwp.edu

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