Parkside Access to College Credit (PACC)


The Parkside Access to College Credit Program (PACC), is a concurrent enrollment program, at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. PACC allows eligible high school students to earn college and high school credit by taking designated courses at their high school.  

PACC courses are real college courses that you will earn college credit for and will appear on a UW-Parkside transcript.  PACC courses are the same courses as those available at the UW-Parkside campus. Your high school teacher and a  UW-Parkside faculty member work together to develop these college-level courses within your high school.

  • Students have already earned college credit(s) prior to their application for admission for their first year
  • Students have more flexibility to explore multiple content areas in college
  • Research shows students are more likely to remain in college if they have taken concurrent enrollment courses
  • Students have the opportunity to double major and/or graduate in four years
  • The course load can be more flexible if students enter college with completed credits
  • Unlike AP and IB courses, you do not need to take an examination for college credit, you simply need to successfully complete the course and you will be awarded college and high school credit.

For more information about PACC and to find out whether or not your school participates, please contact the PACC Coordinator, Denise Hancock at

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