Urgent/Emergency Care

The University Police are the first responders in all campus emergency situations. For students who present at the SHCC, urgent care is provided on site as a priority. The University Police are contacted and they will call for emergency transportation/care by the Kenosha EMT at no charge to the student. The decision to call emergency transportation is made by the first responder, University Police. Students needing emergency care or treatment after hours and on weekends may contact the following: 

University Police - (262) 595-2911 (24 hours a day) 
Ambulance and Emergency Service On campus - Dial 2911 Off campus - Dial 911 
Aurora Medical Center - Emergency Room (262) 948-7000 
Kenosha Medical Center - Emergency Room (262) 656-2202 
Kenosha Crisis Center Hotline (262)657-7188 or (800) 338-7188 
St. Catherine's Hospital - Medical Center - Emergency Room (262) 577-8202 
Ascension-Wheaton Franciscan Health Care Systems - All Saints - Emergency Room (262) 687-4201 
Racine Safe Haven Hotline (262) 637-9557
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