Counseling Services: Substance Abuse

Do I Need Help?
Where Can I Get Help?

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Do I Need Help?

This section contains links to organizations that can help you think about a potential substance abuse problem. They offer interactive questionnaires about your alcohol and/or substance use. All of these assessments are completely confidential: no one will see your answers but you. These sites only offer tools to help you better understand substance abuse. If you think that you or someone you know might have a problem with substance abuse, PLEASE GET HELP!


Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. A project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site acts as both a clearing house of information and a tool for finding mental health providers in your area.

The Mayo Clinic
The definitive site for information on medical issues. This section thoroughly covers both social and medical information related to alcoholism.

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
An excellent site to answer frequently asked questions

Alcoholics Anonymous
The site for the first and best known organization devoted to support for recovering alcoholics

Includes good information on issues relating to alcohol use and crime, binge drinking, advertising and DUI.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Where Can I Get Help?

In case of emergency or crisis please contact us immediately or contact the University Police at (262) 595-2911.

UWP Counseling Center
No appointment needed for emergencies or crisis assistance. Call 1-262-595-2366


Rogers Behavioral Health - 1-800-767-4411


Ascension Racine (Spring Street) 262-687-4011

Aurora Medical Center, Kenosha
Phone 1-262-697-7000 or 1-262-948-7000

Froedtert – Pleasant Prairie Hospital 
Phone 1-262-656-2202


Alcoholics Anonymous
Links to chapters in your area, as well as general information about AA.

Marijuana Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous
This is the NA chapter site for Wisconsin. A help-line is also available at 1-262-552-6879 or 1-888-611-1817 .

In case of emergency or crisis please contact us immediately or contact the University Police at (262) 595-2911


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