Equity Rubric

As we think about equity, diversity and inclusion on our campus, it is important to think about how to hard wire policy discussions for EDI results.  Every decision (policy) an institution makes impacts people in one way or another. The rubric below was designed to help each of us think through what kind of racial outcomes a policy may inadvertently produce.  It was adapted from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Racial Equity Impact Analysis: Making Necessary Ideas Sufficient to Close Gaps and the city of Seattle’s Racial Equity Toolkit to Assess Policies, Initiatives, Programs, and Budget Issues.      

As you engage with the rubric, we highly encourage you to involve impacted stakeholders in the process.  For additional information on how to use the rubric, please reach out to the Office of EDI. 

Download the 2022 Equity Rubric

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

Racial Equity Tools has created a glossary of terms to create a shared understanding of words to enhance the way we talk about race.

Language is an essential tool in racial equity work, and the terms we use have evolved as this work has developed. Having a common language allows us to better engage, discuss, and reflect on these important issues together.

Download the Racial Equity Tools Glossary


Racial Equity Tools Glossary, MP Associates, Center for Assessment and Policy Development, and World Trust Educational Services, July 2022.

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