The University of Wisconsin-Parkside recognizes and honors the cultural diversity that our students and community bring to our campus. Hispanic Heritage Month is nationally recognized for September 15-October 15 and aligns with independence days of many Latin American countries. We honor and recognize the history, culture, and achievements of Hispanic/Latin Americans. Hispanic Heritage Month allows us to come together and celebrate our cultural intricacies via the arts, social connections, music, cultural awareness, and various sessions we offer. 

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Hispanic Heritage Month Library Collection


The UW-Parkside Library celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a curated Hispanic Heritage Month collection that presents notable Latina/o/e/x authors and artists including works of nonfiction, fiction,anthologies, poetry, DVDs, CDs, and even graphic novels! These items are available for checkout with a Ranger Card or photo ID. Additionally, you utilize Mango Languages, a free program for all currently enrolled studentsor employees at UW-Parkside. Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Haitian Creole are all available for learners. Suggestions for Library purchases are also welcome. Contact Anna Lian for more information.

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Latinos Unidos (LU) Weekly Meetings

With the intent to establish a community of support where students can share unique educational experiences, LU aims to provide cultural education and social function to the community. They are devoted to developing a sense of pride among students toward diverse Latino heritage. Not Latinx, not a problem. Everyone is welcome to join LU and explore Latinx cultures. Check out LU’s weekly meetings!

Weekly meetings will begin Wednesdays from 11am-12pm starting October 18 in MOLN L111.






SEP 15  |  4-6 PM  |  Student Center, The Den

Join us for the kick-off celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month. Come learn how to dance Bachata, Wepa, Cumbia, and El Payaso de Rodeo. DJ 262 will be providing music. Refreshments will be served.

Co-sponsors  |  Latinos Unidos, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, College of Social Science and Professional Studies

Multicultural Professional Dialogues (MPD):
Entrepreneurship for All



  • Dr. Nelson Soler, President & CEO – Latino Chamber of Commerce of Southeastern Wisconsin Inc. 
  • Abraham Santiago, Assistant Vice President - Huntington National Bank 
  • Johnathan Dye, Founder – Mr. Dye’s Pies 

Moderator: Dr. Michelle Gee, Dean of the College of Business, Economics, and Computing

Come listen to a panel discussion about entrepreneurship including what steps and resources are needed to have your own business. Hear from an entrepreneur’s experience and professionals in the field who can provide guidance and best practices that you should consider. All are welcome, but please note that this session's topic is targeted at students in the College of Business, Economics, and Computing. Refreshments will be served.

Sponsor  |  Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Advising & Career Center, and the College of Business, Economics, and Computing


Doctor Nelson Soler is an innovative entrepreneur who has founded two for-profit and three non-profit organizations. Soler has utilized his educational and advocacy capacities to facilitate the formation of more than 6000 enterprises in Southeastern Wisconsin. Thousands of individuals have benefited from Soler’s expertise in entrepreneurship, accounting, nonprofit management, and marketing. Soler’s accomplishments received recognition from the national and local media and also resulted in receiving 2 national and 6 state awards for his entrepreneurial and servant leadership accomplishments. Recently, he published his dissertation on Individual and Contextual Factors affecting Latino entrepreneurs in Wisconsin.

Soler is also the founder of the Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute, a firm that offers culturally relevant entrepreneurial education, taxation, and digital marketing services for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. His firm employs six individuals in the south side of Milwaukee. He is also the founder of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Southeastern Wisconsin, an organization that has invested in small Latino and minority businesses over 1.0 million dollars in grants and low-interest loans in the last 20 months.


I am Abraham Santiago; I am the Assistant Vice President of Huntington National Bank at the Kenosha Uptown Brass Location. I have built a team that assists the Kenosha communities the abilities to embrace equity, economic development, and its diversity. Most institutions focus solely on banking and loans, but Huntington National Bank is all about creating communities, diversity, equity and educating our customers so they can succeed financially.

Understanding financial empowerment goes beyond financial literacy, it goes beyond just obtaining knowledge. Financial empowerment provides the skills required to be able manage money, make healthy financial decisions, and find an institution that sees your potential by providing products and services that bring a community success vs hardship.

In my previous experience, I was a Student Development Advisor at McHenry County College (MCC) and a Coordinator of Retention Programs/Student Advisor at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, I gained innovative approaches and techniques to give students the opportunity to succeed. My positions encouraged our students to identify educational goals, discuss goals of transfer, identify and/or assess an applied degree that best fit the student, and the ability to connect resources when they need those supports. During my time at MCC I have helped develop a program that aided support and retain part- time students. In the community college setting the part-time students are diverse and it are the predominant population; my program was geared to serve over 3500 students. I gained retention and better ways to service those students by creating a survey that the population of students needed to fill out to gather information to support those students and potentially provide support and resources to as many students as possible.

During my time as a Coordinator of Retention Programs/ Advisor at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, I worked diligently with a culturally diverse student population providing individualized attention. Also, during my experience as a Coordinator of Retention Programs/ Advisor, I have worked with the students in larger group settings, community settings, and I have also interacted with various programs to provide appropriate resources to aid in the stellar success and meeting of goals set forth by the students I serve. I genuinely believe that my success with the students involved in their lives demonstrates my ability to build self-esteem and transform lives and given the opportunity, will do the same on your team and the community you serve.

Everything I have learned through my education, outreaching in the community, banking, advising, team development/management and the residential experience has prepared me to succeed and be an advocate for the community I serve.


Johnathan Dye is the founder and lead baker at Mr. Dye’s Pies with 13 years of experience making pies like Grandma used to. He specializes in spreading joy by making comfort food desserts. Johnathan is a Milwaukee native and UW-Parkside graduate. Mr. Dye’s Pies was chosen “best pie shop in Wisconsin” by USA Today and is a prominent community focused Milwaukee based business.     

Noon Concert Series: Cache

SEP 28  |  12 PM  |  The Rita, Bedford Concert Hall

Tickets are not required for this free event. All performances are held in Bedford Concert Hall. Free parking is available in Lots B & C. Noon concerts are not ticketed. Seating is first-come, first-serve.

Sponsor  |  College of Arts and Humanities

MOSAIC Workshop: Parentification of Latine Children

OCT 2  |  12-1 PM  |  Molinaro L111

Join the MOSAIC Educators for a special Hispanic Heritage Month Workshop! They will be presenting and leading a discussion about the positives and negatives of Latine children adopting adult responsibilities and contributing to the family.

Latinx-Owned Mini Mercado

OCT 11  |  11 AM-1 PM  |  The Bridge

Mercados (markets) are large areas in a city where you can get different items like food, clothing, jewelry, and other goods at a fair price. Since the times of the indigenous tribes in Latin America, markets have been a way to get new items and a way to grow a strong relationship with different people. Stop by this mini mercado with a range of items that will be sold such as plants, baked goods and sweets, clothing, collectibles and much more! 

Sponsor  | Latinos Unidos

Afro-Latinidad: Race, Gender, and Identity in Sao Paulo, Brazil Today

OCT 11  |  6 PM  |  MOLN L107


  • Dr. Rosa Couto
    Writer, Educator and Musician
    Afro Museo, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Ms. Stela Nesrine
    Independent Podcast Producer, Educator and Band Leader 

Dr. Rosa Couto and Ms. Stela Nesrine, both born, raised, and living in São Paulo, Brazil, will discuss the complexity of race, gender and identity as black women, professionals, and artists. They are members of the Funmilayo Afrobeat Orquestra, co-founded by Stela Nesrine, the only all-female, black, and non-binary Afrobeat band in the world.  

Sponsor  |  Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Center for International Studies, College of Arts and Humanities, College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, Genders & Sexualities Advocacy Center, Criminal Justice Department, Geography/Anthropology Department, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, UW-Parkside Library


Rosa Couto -1

Dr. Couto has a doctorate in History and Social Culture from the São Paulo State University, focusing on African and African-Brazilian popular music. In 2018 She published "Fela Kuti counterculture and contradictions in African popular music,” a pioneering book on Afrobeat and Fela Kuti’s music in Brazil.

She is the author of many publications and has been an invited guest at many Brazilian universities. In 2018 and 2019, she was a visiting scholar at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at New York University, New York, where, in April 2023, she participated in the "Música de Vaivém: The Habanera Diaspora" colloquium, together with Michael Veal and Mopelolade Oreoluwa.

Rosa Couto is a composer, a percussionist (agbe and wood block) and a vocalist in the big band Funmilayo Afrobeat Orquestra. She has authored 3 of the band's 5 most played tracks on Spotify: Vazante de Verão, Ori and Foz. Furthermore, Rosa Couto works on the role and status of women, especially black women, in music and Afrobeat. This focus permeates the compositions and research that underlie the orchestra’s creative process. She also collaborates with jazz and experimental music artists such as Romulo Alexis, Sthe Araujo and Thayná Oliveira, Mariana and the “artivist” Du Kiddy.

She works as a bilingual educator at the Afro Brasil Museum (São Paulo -Brazil) where she designed the Sonora Reading project, which aims at understanding the museum's collection through its musicality.


Stela Nesrine is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, educommunicator, podcaster, businesswoman and mother. She is the co-creator of Funmilayo Afrobeat Orquestra, the first and only band of its kind formed entirely by black, non-binary, feminist women in the world, whose sound and political discourse aim to build a transformational musical dialogue between Africa and Brazil\. They draw their inspiration from the legacy of Afrobeat to compose their own songs and write lyrics that address the gender, race and class inequalities they experience in the sociopolitical context of São Paulo, Brazil.

She is the creator of the podcast "Calunguinha, the story singer" (Original Spotify), a program of “bedtime stories for black children, memories to wake up white people”, focused on anti-racist education and black ancestry, considered by the platform to be one of the main podcasts in the world. Stela is a graduate student in Educommunication at the University of São Paulo and director of Todo Canto Produções Artísticas, her independent audio production company, operating since 2014.


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